A Selena Gomez song fan fic Edit

This is to Jarafan101 and that other person whose being mean to her. In my owns words, from Jarafans view


I wouldn't want to be anybody else, hey!

You made her insecure, to her, her stories weren't good enough

But who are you to judge?

Like you're the best writer in the bunch

I'm sure you've got some things, you like to change about yourself but when it comes to her. She wouldn't want to be anybody else.

She's no story queen, she's just a writer, she's got every right to write wharever she likes come on!

Who says? Who says her stories ain't perfect?

Who says there not worth it?

Who says she a storystealer?

Trust me, that's the price of writing

Who says she's not a good enough aurthor?

Who says she's not good enough? Who says?

It's such a funny thing. How nothing's funny when it's you.

You tell her that she's rubbish

But you keep out the truth

Her stories are a work of art, that is good enough to show the world. Keeping her beneath the stars. Won't let her touch the sky!

She's no story queen, she's just story girl. She's got every right, to write whatever she wants come on!

Who says she can't write good stories? who says there not worth it? Trust me that's the price of writing. who says she's no aurthor? Who says she's a story stealer? Who says

Who says she's not aurthor potential, who says she's not story worthy?

Who says her stories can't be a movie? listen to me, listen to me!

Who says, she doesn't past the test?

Who says she can't be the best!?

Who said, who said? Can you tell me who said that? Yeah! Who said?

Who says, who says Jarafan's not perfect, who says she aint worth it? Trust me that's the price of writing, who says she's the one who's blackmailing? trust me that's the price of writng. Who says your not perfect, who says your no aurthor. Who says?

It's mean to bullyEdit