Vengeance of Rufus: Chp One: Creating The CollectorEdit

"Those little brats." I said, sitting in my hidden safehouse. "They took infinite life from me... I will get it back, and I will make them pay for what they've done!" I thought aloud, it echoed but subsided quickly. I took a pen and some paper and began to write something sinister... The sad letter of Renee Zeldman's Death.

The Collector profile
I took put it in a envelope which was laying on my desk, and I went outside, to mail it. "Those pathetic kids won't ever suspect its me." I said under my breath and I went to my wardrobe. I opened it, and found a face-mask. It was the colors of gold, red, purple, and black. I tried it on, and it fit. I then took out a purplish-black velvet robe. I pondered why it was even in my outfits, but I didn't care. I put the cloak on and looked in the mirror. I was unrecognizable! I would need something to encrypt my voice, to give one hundred percent into my anonymous identity. I dug through the stuff that was laying about in my small house. I finally found something and tried it out. "Testing, testing one. two. three." My voice boomed, totally disguised. I smiled beneath my mask and activated my computer. I went on and scrolled down an Egyptian Artifact's forum. I would find my minions there. Just a little bit after logging on, I had found someone... A Vera Devenish. I would hire her, but I would need someone else on the inside of the Anubis house... Or atleast someone close to it...