Chapter 2: AmericansEdit

"Joy Mercer, still missing." the newsaper headline read. Patricia was taking a train to her boarding school the year, as her parents had to work and could not drive her. She scanned through an article about how Joy will be missed and the police were trying everything they can to find her.

Patricia stood up from her seat to get luggage when someone bumped into her.

"Hey watch where you're going slimeball!" Patricia exclaimed.

"Geez, I'm so sorry Yacker." the stranger said sarcastically. Patricia noticed that he had an American accent.

"You better be," she said. He rolled his eyes and walked away from her. Patricia grabbed a backpack from above her and took out a laptop. When she opened it up, a box flashed on the screen telling her that she had a new email. Patricia, clicked on the box, hoping to see a nice email from her boyfriend, Jerome. But, what she got was much worse.

Why are you so prejudiced against Americans Trixie? I thought you had learned your lesson after what almost happened to Nina at your hands. Be nice, or I'd be forced to reveal your dirty little secret.


Patricia immediately shut her laptop. She looked all aroud her for anyone she knew, especially Joy.

Joy was the only one who knew about what happened, or so she thought. Patricia slowly opened her laptop again to check to see if the email was from Joy. Oddly, the section that listed the sender's email was blank. Patricia toook a deep breath.


Author's Note: For those of you who actually know of Pretty Little Liars, Nina is going to be one of the girls, not Jenna's couterpart. I just wanted something to be similar-ish in this story since it is LOOSELY based off PLL. Link to chapter one is one my blog.