WARNING: The story takes place in an alternate universe where Season 1 and 2 didn't happen. Also, this is basically HOA Pretty Little Liars Style. Except most things will be changed so HOA fits in nicely. So basically only the plot with "A" and the texts will stay similar-ish. You don't need PLL to understand this though.

Prologue: Dirty Little SecretsEdit

The five Anubis girls were sitting around the common room floor in the middle of the night on their last day of school before summer holiday; or vacation in Nina Martin's sake.

"Come one Trixie, it's the last time we'll get to see each other before summer holiday," Joy pleaded. "Just tell me one little secret to remember you by."

"No!" Patricia said.

"Why?" Joy asked. "Friends share secrets. That's what keeps us close."

"Let's just go to sleep," Nina said, "It's late." Without any other words, she went up the stairs and into the bedroom she shared with Amber Millington.

"We're leaving too." Amber and Mara said. They followed Nina upstairs. Patricia followed suit.

"Are you coming Joy?"

"Nah, I just go outside." Joy stood up as Patricia walked up the stairs and exited Anubis House. When morning came, no one knew where she was.


2 years later, the girls grew apart and spoke to each little. They all made new friends, but nothing could replace the friendship they had. But, nothing could bring them together.

Until now.