Nina: Full moon tonight

Jerome: Are they gonna come here?

Klaus: That we don't know, werewolves are crafty, but not as crafty as vampires

Nina: Good point, how many are there?

Klaus: Uh well, 34

Nina: Well thats not fair

Klaus: And its a full moon, one bite and its curtains

Nina: Ok everyone's started coming back from school, you'd better go, I'll meet you in the bikesheds tonight

Klaus: And hopefully we can decrease the number of werewolves

Nina: Well in their human form, they're no match for us, its an easy win

Klaus: Execpt tonight

Nina: We'll cross that bridge when we get there, try and get as much wolfsbane and sliver bullets as you can, we're going to need them

Klaus: See you tonight

Jerome: So this is serious

Nina: Jerome vampires are almost extinct, it used to be the other way round but they've grown in numbers and we've decreased

Jerome: Well be careful tonight

Nina: I will be

Mick: So what did you two do today?

Nina: Rigged Victor's office again

Patrica: You didn't

Nina: Yep

Fabian: Whats going to happen?

Nina: You'll see, 3,2,1 go

(Victor comes down covered in yellow paint)

Victor: I'm not going to even ask, you two?

Nina: You can't prove anything

Jerome: You'll never take us alive

Nina: Yeah we'd better get outta here

(Nina and Jerome run into the back garden)

Jerome: Nina whats that?

Nina: Oh you've got to be kidding me (Snarls and kills it)

Jerome: Never going to get used to that

Nina: Don't worry, you will, well that brings the number down to 33

Amber: You two dinner's ready

Nina and Jerome: Coming

(At dinner)

Alfie: You two really have to stop pranking Victor's office

Nina: Its fun

Jerome: Hillarious more like

Mick: That one was pretty funny, though the rats guts, some of your best work

Jerome: Thanks

Mara: Six weeks holiday's soon

Nina: When?

Mara: 3 days

Jerome: (Mouths to Nina) What are we gonna do?

Nina: (mouths) Dunno, Klaus will think of something I'm sure