Nina: What do you want to do?

Jerome: Sleep

Nina: Least we got to do stuff at school, did I really just say that?

Jerome: Yes you did

Klaus: Hello again

Nina: Klaus what're you doing here?

Klaus: I've come to warn you

Nina: About the-

Klaus: Yes, their almost here and they want revenge

Nina: Well, I'm not just gonna sit here what do I have to do?

Klaus: Kill first ask questions later

Nina: Yeah got it, be careful alright

Klaus: I'm always careful Nina

Jerome: What's this about?

Nina: Werewolves are coming and they want to kill me and Klaus

Jerome: Why?

Klaus: Because we're the last vampires left now

Nina: So we need to fight back and make sure we don't-

Jerome: Don't what?

Nina: Get bitten, there's no cure, well none thats known anyway

Klaus: My sister knew a cure but they killed her before she could tell us

Nina: And then I killed them, its tough out there and we need to be ready

Klaus: At least they can't turn by themselves, they need a full moon

Jerome: Which is tonight

Nina: Crap um, what do we do?

Klaus: That I don't know, stock up on wolfsbane

Nina: Got it seen you soon

Klaus: Be careful (leaves)

Nina: Jerome you heard Klaus, we need to be careful

(At dinner)

Patrica: So what did you do today, anything interesting?

Nina: We uh, how do I put this, kissed

Mara: Aww

Amber: I knew it

Nina: Knew what?

Amber: That you two liked eachother

Mick: Its obivious Ams

Alfie: Well duh

Fabian: Guys, I've got news and its not good

Nina: What is it?

Fabian: More people have been killed

Jerome: Thats not good

Amber: Oh no

Nina: What is it Amber?

Amber: I chipped a nail

Mick: (laughs) really Amber?

Victor: Sorry to interrupt, but the 6 week holidays are coming up and I need to know who's staying

Mick: I'm not

Mara: I'm not

Amber: I'm going to Paris

Alfie: I'm going home

Patrica: Going to New York

Fabian: Going

Jerome: Staying

Nina: Staying

Victor: Thanks

Nina: Looks like its gonna be just you and me over the holidays then

Jerome: Can't wait

Amber: Nina can you help me pack for Paris?

Nina: Sure

(In Nina and Amber's room)

Amber: Nins pass me my pink sparkly top

Nina: Um there all pink and sparkly

Amber: The one with no straps

Nina: Oh right (hands her the top and shuts the suitcase)

Amber: Thanks Nins

Nina: Anytime