(The next morning)

Amber: Nins wake up, its breakfast time

Nina: five more minutes Amber

Amber: Oh Ok I need to get dressed anyway

(Amber leaves and Jerome comes in)

Jerome: Morning Miss Darkness

Nina: Morning

Jerome: Hey I won't tell anyone, you now that right?

Nina: Of course I do

Jerome: Just wanted to make sure

Nina: Well we going downstairs or what?

Jerome: Yeah, I'm hungry

(At breakfast)

Patrica: Nina do you ever eat anything?

Nina: Course I do

Mick: Nina can I talk to you for a minute?

Nina: Sure

(In the hallway)

Mick: Ok well, you're gonna think I'm crazy but, would you help me train for the scholarship trial next week?

Nina: I thought Mara was helping you

Mick: She is, but I saw you in Pe the other day, you were amazing

Nina: Thanks

Mick: So will you help me?

Nina: Sure, although you probably aren't going to like my methods

Mick: I'm sure I'll survive

(In lounge)

Alfie: Mara can you pass me the remote, the alien channels on

Mara: Sure Alfie (hands him the remote)

Jerome: So Nina what are you gonna do today?

Nina: I dunno, I've got training with Mick later so, I might just hang here until then

Jerome: Oh ok, wanna go rig Victors office?

Nina: Yeah lets go

(1 hour later)

Mick: Thanks Nina training was fun

Nina: This is gonna be even funnier 3,2,1 now

(Victor comes down drenched in rats guts)

Nina: (Laughs) This is so much more funnier than I thought

Jerome: I know right

Victor: Right, you two are grounded for a month, you can't even go to school and I want to see my face in the toilet bowl you two

(Victor leaves)

Nina: Oh I'd be happy to make sure you see your face in that toilet

Jerome: Hmmn I'll help

Mick: You two are so devious

Nina: Why thank you, its one of my many qualities

Mick: (Chuckles) See you at dinner

Nina: Well I don't see how a month off school is a punishment, I already did the english homework anyway

Jerome: Don't tell me, you knew Shakespeare?

Nina: Yep

Jerome: Don't tell me you did the history homework too?

Nina: Yep

Jerome: Lemme guess, you were on Titanic?

Nina: (smirks) Maybe, it was scary as hell though

Jerome: C'mon lets go rig something to do something

Nina: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Jerome: Prank Alfie into thinking there are aliens

Nina: Oh you know me so well

Jerome: I do don't I?