Nina: Know what?

Jerome: About you, what you are

Nina: Ok what am I?

Jerome: A vampire

Nina: (Snickers) I'm not a vampire Jerome

Jerome: I saw you drinking a blood bag, and your face, you don't eat or drink anything but blood, and you knew all the anwsers in history

Nina: Ok you got me, what are you gonna do, kill me?

Jerome: Of course not, I just had to be sure, can you prove it?

Nina: Sure, open the curtain

Jerome: Why?

Nina: My ring is how I can walk in the daylight and I'm gonna prove it, open the curtain (Nina takes her ring off)

Jerome: Are you sure?

Nina: Yes open it

(Jerome opens the curtain and Nina starts burning and screaming)

Jerome: (Closes the curtain) Are you Ok?

Nina: Yeah (puts her ring back on) I'm fine

Jerome: Who was that Klaus guy you were talking to?

Nina: He's the guy who turned me

Jerome: Why?

Nina: Uh, I don't like to talk about it

Jerome: What happened?

Nina: Uh, 33AD, I was 17 and with this really controlling guy and he always hurt me, and then I was walking home and he attacked me and left me in the street, Klaus smelled all the blood, thought he was helping me.

Jerome: I'm sorry

Nina: Don't be, I got my revenge on him, I tortured his family right infront of him, and then I killed him.

Jerome: How old are you?

Nina: 2,978

Jerome: Wow

Nina: Yeah, you won't tell anyone, right?

Jerome: Don't worry, I won't, your secrets safe with me

Nina: (kisses him on the cheek) Thanks

Klaus: You told him then

Nina: Duh

Klaus: I'm Klaus

Jerome: I'm Jerome

Klaus: I'm going to America, see you around Nina

Nina: Bye Klaus (Klaus dissapears)

Fabian: Whats been going on here then?

Jerome: Nothing

(Fabian shoots Nina with a holy water dart)

Jerome: Fabian what the hell?

Fabian: She's a monster Jerome, she's killed innocent people

Nina: How long have you known?

Fabian: As long as Jerome has

Nina: (pulls the dart out) Oh yeah, try that again and I will kill you

Fabian: It doesn't affect you?

Nina: I've been around a long time, you're gonna have to do better than that

(Jerome punches Fabian knocking him out)

Nina: Thanks

Jerome: Anytime, what're you gonna do?

Nina: I'm gonna take away his memories

Jerome: You can do that?

Nina: Yes

Fabian: Oh what the hell happened?

Nina: (compels hims) You're going to forget that I'm a vampire

Jerome: You never cease to amaze me

Nina: Awww thanks