(The next morning)

Jerome: Nina you've got to see this

Nina: What is it?

Jerome: They found more mauled people

Nina: And how is that good news?

Jerome: They caught the animal responsible

Nina: What was it?

Mick: A really big mountain lion

Mara: Thats a bit wierd

Amber: I can't belive they would kill a cute defenceless animal

Alfie: Its hardly innocent Ams, it killed 6 people

Nina: 4 actually

Jerome: How'd you know that?

Nina: They did a news report on 4 people not 6

Jerome: Ok then (thinks: Im covinced she's hiding something)

Patrica: Anyone heard from Joy lately?

Fabian: No, why?

Patrica: Just wondering

Trudy: Morning everyone, breakfasts ready

Jerome: Nina you coming?

Nina: Yeah just have to go grab something from my room

Jerome: Ok

(In Nina and Amber's room)

Nina: What are you doing here?

???: I said I'd be checking up on you, I brought you this (hands her some blood bags)

Nina: Thanks, I think Jerome's onto me, what do I do?

???: You can tell him but, he can't tell anyone else

Nina: Thanks Klaus, I'll see you around

Klaus: Bye Nina

(At breakfast Nina is drinking from a flask)

Trudy: So what are you all doing today?

Nina: Well I was gonna sneak up into the attic, but the doors locked so I can't

Amber: Buy some new make up

Fabian: Read

Mick: Training with Mara

Jerome: Pull some pranks

(In Nina and Amber's room)

Amber: So Nins what are you doing today?

Nina: Dunno

(At the pub)

Jerome: Excuse me Miss

Old Woman: Yes?

Jerome: You were talking to a friend of mine last night, you said you'd seen her before

Old Woman: Yeah I remember her ring

Jerome: When was this?

Old Woman: 1924, I was 15

Jerome: And you're cetain her name was Nina Martin?

Old Woman: Yes

Jerome: Thank you

(At Anubis House)

Jerome: Nina can't have been alive in 1924, could she?

Nina: (Appears out of nowhere) Hey Jerome, how've you been?

Jerome: Fine, listen I spoke to that woman at the pub, the one who was talking to you

Nina: And?

Jerome: She said she'd seen you in 1924

Nina: Well thats impossible, I wasn't alive then

Jerome: Nina, I think you know more than you're telling me, and who was at the door for you?

Nina: A friend of mine, Klaus, why?

Jerome: Just wondering, look Fabian and Patrica think you're hiding something and so do I

Nina: Well I'm not ok (veins appear around her eyes)

Jerome: Your face!

Nina: Yeah there's something in my eyes, forget it, I gotta go

(In Nina and Amber's room, the door is left open a bit)

Nina: Gah, I'm so stupid (rips the top of a blood bag and drinks from it)

Klaus: What happened?

Nina: Ok Jerome is definetly on to me

Klaus: So compel him

Nina: I can't he's been eating garlic, thats why I haven't been eating

Klaus: Well what are you going to do?

Nina: I'm gonna tell him

Klaus: Ok but be careful

(Jerome was listening to everything and runs off to his room)

(In Jerome and Alfie's room)

Jerome: What, Nina's a vampire, what thats impossible

(In the lounge, Nina is the only one in there)

Nina: Oh hey Jerome

Jerome: I know