(In the lounge the news is on)

News reporter: 3 people were found mauled by a wild animal of some sort yesterday afternoon at 8pm, investagations are being carried out. On another note, the bodies were compelety drained of blood

Jerome: What the heck, we don't even have wild animals here

Nina: *mutters* Crap I should have burned them

Mick: Where did it say they were found?

Nina: In the alleyway close to here, I think

Mara: Should we be worried?

Jerome: I don't think so

Amber: When did the attacks actually start?

Mick: Dunno

Trudy: Nina someone's at the door for you

Nina: (goes white) Coming


Nina: What are you doing here?

???: Trying to make sure you don't get exposed

Nina: Do you have any idea how thirsty I've been?

???: I'll be dropping by soon to check up on you

Nina: Bye then


Jerome: What was that all about?

Nina: Oh nothing

Patricia: Guys its time to go

Jerome: You coming Nina?

Nina: Uh sure

Amber: Wait I need to do my make up

Mick: Do it while we're walking Ams

Amber: Fine

Mara: Nina are you Ok?

Nina: Yeah, why wouldn't I be?

Mara: Well you haven't been eating and you've been really quiet

Nina: Yeah its nothing

Patrica: C'mon guys

(At the pub)

Fabian: Patrica whats up with Nina?

Patrica: What do you mean?

Fabian: Well, she's just really secretive and she doesn't eat or drink well not infront of us anyway

Patrica: I'm sure its nothing

Amber: C'mon guys, Nina's thrashing Jerome at pool

Patrica: Lets go then

Jerome: Nina how are you so good at this?

Nina: Dunno, but what I do know is that you're losing big time

Jerome: (Chuckles) Who was at the door earlier?

Nina: Just a-

Old woman: I know you

Nina: Excuse me

Old woman: My god, you haven't grown a day older

Nina: I think you might have the wrong person Miss

Jerome: What was that about?

Nina: Old people are confused, probably nothing

Jerome: Ok

Patrica: Mick come here please

Mick: Sure whats up?

Patrica: I need you to do something for me

Mick: What?

Patrica: Keep an eye on Nina, she's very secretive

Mick: I'm not gonna spy on her, and neither are you, she isn't being secretive at all

(Mick leaves)

Mara: Where'd Mick go?

Nina: He left a few minutes ago

Mara: Oh ok see you later

Nina: Bye

Jerome: Do you wanna go?

Nina: Sure

Patrica: Where are you going?

Jerome: Back, why?

Fabian: We'll come too then

(At Anubis)

Trudy: Hello sweeties, did you have fun?

Amber: Nina totally thrashed Jerome at pool

Jerome: Amber

Nina: Yeah well, I did

Trudy: Ok its bedtime, you don't have school tomorrow so use the time to do whatever

Nina: Phew I thought she was gonna say homework or something stupid

Jerome: (Laughs) yeah homework is stupid

(In Jerome and Alfie's room)

Alfie: Someone's got a crush on Nina

Jerome: What, no I don't

Alfie: Yes you do, c'mon you sit next to her in practically every subject and you're always talking to eachother and you're always staring at her

Jerome: I like her Ok, there I said it

(Everyone but Nina and Amber come out of the wardrobe)

Fabian: You finally admitted it

Mara: You two actually would make a good couple

Patrica: Yeah they would

Jerome: Alfie I'm gonna kill you

(In Nina and Amber's room)

Nina: Amber, tell me why, you're putting that gunk on your face

Amber: It helps wrinkles

Nina: Oh ok then, I'm gonna go get changed for bed

Amber: Me too