(At Anubis House)

Amber: When's the new student getting here?

Jerome: 3 hours

Joy: Patrica can I speak to you?

Patrica: Sure Joy

(In the hallway)

Joy: I'm moving away

Patricia: What, for how long

Joy: Forever, my dad got this business offer in New York

Patrica: I'm really gonna miss you Joy

(they hug)

Mr Mercer: C'mon princess, we'll be late

Joy: Ok dad, bye Patricia

(They leave)

Patricia: Guys, Joy's moved away

Everyone: We know, she told us

Patrica: So she told you lot before me?

Fabian: Yeah, she told me first, y'know because we were dating

Jerome: Then she told me and Amber

Mick: Then me and Mara

Mara: Then she told Alfie

Alfie: And then you

(3 hours later)

Trudy: Hello sweetie, welcome to Anubis house

(A goth girl comes in)

Nina: Woah, this house is huge

Trudy: Come with me and I'll introduce you to everyone

(In the lounge)

Trudy: Everyone this is Nina Martin

Jerome: Hi, nice clothes

Nina: Thanks, umm

Jerome: Oh I'm Jerome, the King of pranks

Nina: Cool

Jerome: The blonde one in the skirt is Amber

Amber: Hi, love your shoes

Nina: Thanks

Alfie: Hi Nina, I'm Alfie

Nina: hey

(Mick and Mara come in)

Mick: Who's the goth chick?

Nina: I'm Nina

Mick: I'm Mick, and this is my girlfriend Mara

Mara: Hi

Nina: Hi

Fabian: I'm Fabian

Nina: Hi Fabian

Fabian: Someone get Patrica, she's been moping long enough

Patrica: I heard that, Hi Nina

Nina: Hi, you're Patrica right?

Patricia: Yep, love your hair

Nina: Thanks, I actually used to have blonde hair

Amber: Like me

Trudy: Fabian be a dear and help me set the table, Jerome could you show Nina her room, she's rooming with Amber, since Joy's gone

Jerome: Ok sure, Ams you coming?

Amber: Sure

(In Nina and Amber's room)

Nina: Nice room, can we paint my side black?

Amber: Sure, it's only pink because Joy and I picked it

Jerome: Well, I'll leave you to get sorted then

Nina: (hides a box under her bed) Amber can you help me put my duvet sheet on?

Amber: Sure, what was in the box?

Nina: Nothing, just photos

Amber: Oh ok, dinners ready, do you want to sit next to me?

Nina: Sure

(At dinner, Nina isn't eating, no-one notices)

Patrica: So Nina what was America like?

Nina: A little too sunny

Alfie: But you're so pale

Nina: um- yeah, lots of sunblock, so what do you do here?

Fabian: Dodge Jerome's pranks

Jerome: You have to admit, the poision ivy one was pretty funny

Amber: No it wasn't, it ruined my make up

Mick: You looked like the joker

(Everyone but Amber laughs)

Amber: Ok I did

Mara: So Nina who did you live with?

Nina: My gran, parents died in a car crash

Mara: I'm sorry

Nina: Don't be, that was a long time ago

Jerome: Nice ring

Nina: Hideous more like, its was my, um mom's so I'm stuck with it

Jerome: Whats the stone?

Nina: Sapphire

Trudy: Nina are you alright sweetie, you haven't eaten

Nina: Oh I'm not really hungry

Trudy: Ok, well I've got your timetable for school, who wants to show her around?

Jerome: I will

Nina: Thanks

(The next day)

Jerome: Ok we've got the same timetable. so I can show you to every lesson

Nina: Cool, I'm just glad the school doesn't have a uniform

Jerome: Me too

(In history, Jerome is sat next to Nina)

Miss Wood: Ok class today we're going to learn about vampires

Nina: (mutters) oh no

Jerome: Hey you ok?

Nina: Yeah fine

Miss Wood: Nina, I know you're new here, but would you mind answering the questions?

Nina: Uh, sure why not?

Miss Wood: What repels a vampire?

Nina: Holy water, garlic, crucifixes or any religous thing and sunlight

Miss Wood: Correct, how did you know that?

Nina: I read a book

Miss Wood: Ok next question, how do you kill a vampire?

Nina: Stake through the heart it has to be wood, or exposing it to sunlight

Miss Wood: Well done, one more question, do vampires have to be invited in?

Nina: Yes, but the invitation doesn't have to be verbal, it can be a nod or something

(The bell rings)

Miss Wood: Ok everyone hometime

Nina: Finally

Jerome: Yeah, how did you know all that?

Nina: Uh, I read vampire folklore (Nina starts holding her head)

Jerome: You ok?

Nina: Yeah just a headache, I'll be fine

(At Anubis House)

Fabian: So how was your first day

Nina: It was alright, that Miss Wood is obessed with vampires

Jerome: Yeah, I had her last year, she's nuts

Mara: Yeah she is

Mick: Well my day was great, non-stop PE

Nina: You actually like PE

Mick: Yeah

Trudy: Dinners ready

(At dinner, Nina isn't eating again)

Jerome: Nina you alright?

Nina: Yeah

Patrica: Nina we're going to the pub/resturant later, do you want to come?

Nina: Yeah sure, I'd love that

Mick: Maybe take a break from being all doom and gloom for one night

Mara: Mick

Nina: Its alright, suppose I'm not really into being all perky and pink, no offence Amber

Amber: None taken

Fabian: Did you have Miss Wood today?

Nina: Yeah, she's obsessed with vampire

Mara: Gah, cut myself

Nina: Um, I gotta go (runs out)