Right. The pairings in this story are Fabina, Amfie, Jara, Peddie and Moy. Edit

Fabina: Nina's POVEdit

I feel sick. I don't know why. I am panicing. "Nina what's wrong?" Amber is looking at me. "Er just bad stomach pains" Ambers mouth is wide open. "Oh no.... your not preganant? Right" I try to think of something to say. But I just can't "it was a one off... how could this be?" Amber jumped up in excitment "yay Fabina baby!" she keeps on screaming "Amber.... shut up! I don't want anyone to know... not yet including Fabian" Edit

Jara: Jerome's POVEdit

I had finally got Mara the surprise. I can't wait to give it to her. Now that we are 18 and adults I feel I can spend most of my life with her. No joke. "There you are... what took you so long?" she asked me I bit my lip. "I got you the surprise." I smilied. She smilied. Edit

Peddie: Eddie's POVEdit

"Patrica, what are you doing?" she looked up at me "just.... fine I give up I was planning our holiday in America to visit your mum." I smilied "my mom is really picky on who I date. She might not like you" I thought Patrica was okay with that comment... odviously I was worng. Edit

Moy: Mick's POVEdit

"Sometimes I don't think you even love me" Joy is getting angry. "I do-" she keeps on getting angry "You love Mara don't you. Mick we where going to move in together after we graduated and you say you want to put it on hold?" she storms out of her room. It's true I still love Mara but not as much as Joy. Edit

The secret is out for NinaEdit

(Eight mounths had passed)Edit

"Wha- What?" Fabian didn't know what to say "are you mad?" I asked him. He shook his head "no I am excited. A baby" Edit

Jara Mara's POVEdit

"Me and Jerome are getting married!" Mick almost chocked on his food "what!" Joy gave him a stern look. "Married... that is amazing!" Nina hugged me "we have our own annocment... I am having a baby" Victor was chocking on his coffee. "What! You cannot be pregnant!" Victor was trying to catch his breath. Jerome and Alife laughed.Edit

Moy Mick's POVEdit

Joy broke up with me. I didn't mean to say anything it just slipped out. "Joy can we talk?" she walked off. "You are a meat head" Joy said running upstairs. "Joy! Joy!" She's only broken up with me because she had a miscarrige. A long time ago. "So when's the wedding?" I askEdit