(Joy is on her laptop and Mick walks in)

Joy: your home late

Mick: oh yeah training

Joy: really. Didn't you train yesterday and the day before that?

Mick: if you have something to say just say something

Joy: okay... I think your seeing someone else

Mick: that's crazy. Your my girl and you always will be

Joy: and I bet that's what you told the other girl too

Mick: I'm not cheating babe. I'm tired night. (kisses cheek)

(Next day, Jara and Peddie are having breakfast)

Jerome: did you hear Mick talking on the phone last night?

Eddie: yeah. He went on for like hours

Patrica: he was talking to Joy, they are dating!

Eddie: I don't think so. Unless Joy's nickname is Sierra then...

Mara: should we tell her?

Patrica: it might of been a family member

Mara: your right. And Jerome, Eddie don't ease drop!

Jerome: okay (kisses cheek) your so... caring (smilies)

(Moy walk in)

Jerome: so... hows Sierra?

Mara: Jerome!

Joy: whose Sierra?

Mick: no one! (eyes Jerome)

Joy: is that other girl. I knew it. Where done Mick! (runs off crying)