summery:hi mick is the popstar and he's coming to anubis house basically a mickber story amber is his biggest fan but let's hope mara dosen't mess this up for them . amber is a really good swimmer can she teach mick a few of her swimming skills.please comment and if you want to you could tell me what to write next . you can also tell me what that werewolf in twilight name is . if you want to here more of my jokes then say that in your comment

episode 1 : mick campbell is coming !Edit

jerome , nina , amber , alfie are walking to class when the popualar pretty cheerleader girls which are mara patrica joy and some other girls .

mara ; go fetch me some water ambs i'm thirsty

nina ; don't you dare call her that what is she your servant

amber ; it's okay goes and gets mara's water .

taculs amber

amber spilt the water everywhere

mara ; i guess your going to have to clean that up .

patrica joy and the rest of the girls: laugh

mara ; bye , bye clumsy

jerome and alfie help amber up

amber ; i hate her

nina ; so do i

alfie ; come on guys let's go before were late to class

enter class

mrs andrews ; your late again

nina ; yes sorry mrs andrews i-

amber ; it was all my fault i i forget one of my math books at the house

mrs andrews ; very well i will let you of this once but if you do it again i'm afraid it's detention

alfie , nina , jerome ,amber : yes mrs andrews

they go and take there seats

amber puts her head on the table and covers her face with her hands.

mrs andrews ; okay class before i ca-

mr sweet ; sorry to inturupt may i speak to the class

mrs andrews ; absoulutly i'll just go now

mr sweet ; okay class i have big news -

alfie ; the aliens have took over the world

everyone laughs

mr sweet ; no m-

alfie ; the aliens have -

mr sweet ; no alfie we have a new student this person is famous

joy ; is it talyor launtner from twilight [ made it up i forgot what his name was ] i'm a big fan

mr sweet ; no it's mick campbell

all the girls ; aahh

mara ; i totally love mick campbell he's like the best pop star ever

joy ; maybe mick knows taylor lautner

mara ; quit it with taylor lautner

mrs andrews comes in ; as i was saying g-

the bell rings

mrs andrews ; class dismissed

amber ; oh my god i love mick campbell everyone knows i'm his biggest fan

amber and nina ; [ jumping and holding hands ] aaahhh

nina ; wait mara knows your micks biggest fan right

amber ; yeah why it's not like she-

nina ; she is also micks biggest fan

amber ; oh no this is bad news

nina ; knowing mara she probably has a plan she might get mick to like her and make her a popstar even though she can't sing .

amber ; not only will i be embaressed in public but the whole world

they all walk back to the house

nathalia ; so what are you going to do when mick campbell get's here

mara ; i,ve got it all covered

back at the house

nina and amber go to there room

there's a ding on the door bell

trudy opens it

trudy ; hello dearies i'm your house mother trudy

fabian , eddie and mick enter

mara patrica and joy are talking

patrica ; i'm going up to my room

joy ; look it's mick and some athor people

mara runs up to mick with joy behind her

mara ; hi i'm mara but you can call me mars

mick ; hi mara

trudy ; mara dear would you like to show mick around

mara ; my pleasure

mara ; i'm a big fan i love your music

mick ; thanks

in nina and amber's room

nina ; mick is here

amber ;aaahhh

amber ; oh no i've got to go to work before i'm late

nina ; don't worry i'll go with you

amber ; thanks nina your my bfiehaytobfieh [stands for best fried i've ever had actully your the only best friend i've ever had ]

nina ; oookay

they put there work clothes on

nina ; you go without me i'll be one second

amber ;alright

amber walks down the stairs when she see's mick and mara she tried so hard not to scream .

mick sees her

mick ; hi

amber ; hi

mara has a jelaous look on her face

mara knocks the notepad out of amber's hand

mara ; you better pick that up and get to work you wouldn't want to be late will you

amber picks up her notepad and walks straight past mick and mara

mara ; [ whispers ] that's her sorted

mick ;what did you say

mara ; nothing

{C in patrica's room

eddie comes in

patrica ; you are

eddie ; im e-

patrica ; i don't care who you are just get out of my room .

eddie get's out

joy ; harsh you know he was kind of cute

mara and mick in the living room

me ; hay guys i've got a joke why is the living room called a living room

me ; because you live in it i've got another

me ; were do wasps go when there sick

me ; to the waspital ... on with the story

mara kisses mick on the cheek

mara ; bye

mick wipes it of

mick ; eeww

eddie is lying on the couch

patrica ; watch were your going you idiot

eddie ; you do now who i am and i want some respect yacker

patrica ; don't you dare call me that or i'll brake every bone in your body

eddie ; your pretty tough for a cheerleader

patrica ; thankyou now move

joy ; [ whispers ] harsh

patrica ; [ whispers back ] quit saying that

nina and amber are working at vera's venu

mara enters vera's venu

mara sees nina and amber

mara ; hello losers

amber ; you've got a lot of nerve to call anyone a loser

mara ; whoa busters you have no chance of getting mick to like you he likes me he says i'm charming and you pathetic .

nina ; he did not say that

mara ; but i did

amber continues to clean the floor

mara takes out a water bottle and pours it all over the floor

mara ; oh amber you missed a spot

mara walks straight past them

nina ; i hope her cat gets run over by a luanmower

amber ; she has a cat

nina ; yeah in 4th grade it was pet day remeber

flash back -

mara is 9 years old

mara ; and this is cindy my pet cat

mrs doyle ; she's lovely

mara ; i know she's just like me aren't you cindy

cindy jumps out of mara's hand

cindy scratches mrs doyle

end of flash back

amber ; oh yeah mara is exactly like cindy

nina and amber ; [laugh ]

i'm gonna go to the house to get my mop

amber ; be back as soon as you can this floor can't clean itself

nina ; i will

nina grabs her jacket and leaves

every body's at the house

everybody except [ nina and amber]

fabian and eddie and mick are unpacking in there room

mick ; so

fabian ; so

eddie ; so

fabian ; why are we saying so

mick shrugs his shoulder's

fabian ; i've been in this room the whole time . so i have nothing to tell .

eddie ; i have nothing to tell either .

mick ; i'll start then

fabian neatly folds his t-shirt

joy knocks on the door

mick ; come in

joy comes in

joy ; hi i'm joy

eddie ; aren't you the-

joy sees fabian

joy walks straight past mick {C me ; let's just pretend this conversation never happend

joy ; fabes

fabian ; joy

mick ; do you guys know each other

fabian ; what does it look like

joy ; it's good to see you again fabes

mick looks at eddie

mick ; [ whispers to eddie ] fabes

eddie shrugs his shoulders

joy leaves

mick ; you know her

fabian ; we went to the same school together when i was 11

trudy ; dinner time

eddie ; i gotta go

mick ; me to

fabian ; guys

eddie and mick leave the room

fabian follows after them

me ; then somthing happens fabian falls down the stairs

me ; got ya i was only joking

nina is running up the stairs

nina bumps into fabian

nina ; i am so sorry

fabian ; don't be

nina ; wow you look like a rockstar

fabian laughs

fabian ; i get that a lot

nina ; i'm nina

fabian ; fabian

they shake hands

nina looks at her watch

nina ; i gotta go

nina enters her room

get's her mop and leaves

trudy ; nina dear aren't you coming for lunch

nina ; i can't i've got to go somewhere

trudy ; where

nina ; somewhere

nina rushes out

trudy ; that was weird

mara ; she's always acting like this i suspect she's up to something

joy ; she's always up to something

at vera's venu

amber ; were where you

nina ; i'm sorry if i took so long

amber ; the place is about to close down

vera ; okay girls were closing down you can go and have some free time

amber and nina ; thanks vera

vera leaves to shut the place down

amber; i'm going to the swimming pool

nina ; okay bye

amber ; bye

nina goes back to anubis house

nina enters anubis house

nina ; hey jerome

jerome ; hey

jerome ; where's amber

nina ; at the swimming pool

jerome ; again

nina ; i'm gonna go to my room

nina goes upstairs

a few minitues later mara comes

mara ; hi jerome

jerome ; h hi

mara ; i've been looking for amber i want to give her something do you know were she is .

jerome ; sh , sh ,she's at the pool i mean swimming pool

mara ; thanks jerome

jerome ;your w, welcome

mara ; [ whispers ] 2 down 1to go

amber is at the swimming pool

mick comes he does not know amber is in the pool

he splashes into the water

amber sees mick

amber ; you are m-

mick ; yeah and your the girl with the-

amber ; yeah

amber ; what are you doing here

mick ; i practise swimming

amber ; oh

amber ; my name's amber

mick ;m-

amber ;i already know your name

mick laughs

there almost about to kiss when mara enters

mara ; well well well look who it is

mara ; does victor know about it .

amber ;you wouldn't

mara ; well i might it depends i want something in return

amber ; what do you want

mara ; mick if you don't stay away from him i willl let victor know that you sneak out every night to go swimming .

amber ; who told you

mara ; isn't it obvious jerome

mara ; takes out her phone and takes a picture of amber

mara ; perfect i'm warning you stay away from mick or this picture goes live to everyone .

amber leaves

mara ; she better stay away from mick

amber walks to her room

nina ; hay amber

amber ; hay

nina ; you don't sound very happy

amber ;because i'm not

nina ; what's the matter

amber ; mara jerome told her i was at the swimming pool so she threteaned me and said i should stay away from mick . or she's gonna tell victor .

nina ; jerome how could he .

amber and nina knock on jerome's door

jerome ; come in

amber slaps jerome

amber ; did you tell mara were i was

nina ; i told you for a REASON and that reason was not to tell mara

amber ; just because you like her doesen't mean you have to tell her everything

nina ; i trusted you

amber ; i thought you were are friend

nina ; but we were wrong

jeromev ; but i-

nina ; save it we don't want to here what you have to say

nina ; come on amber let's go

amber ; you know what you can forget about mara liking you you can forget about anybody liking you you can forget a-

nina ; i see your point let's just go

in joy and patrica's room

joy is on the computer