Amber runs of to tell the others what she saw!

Jerome:Do you think shes going to tell them.

Patricia:I know shes gonna tell um.

Jerome graps Patricia's hand and goes into the living room.

Nina:OMG i cant belive you did not tell us.

Mick:Yeh Nina's right you shold have told us, dude.

Jerome:....Well....we have only bin together for a bit.

Fabian:Come on guys we are gonna e late for Maths test.

Patricia and Jerome hold hands.Nina and Fabian hold hands.Mick and Mara hold hands.Amber and alfie hold hands.They all walk of to school.

Jerome:Hey Trixie, come with me.


Jerome:In that quiet room over there where no one goes.


Jerome and Patricia walk in the room where nobody goes.

Patricia:So what you want.

Jerome:Another kiss!

Patricia:Of corse.

The two share a kiss.

Patricia:I love you Jerome from the first day we met.