Well here is chapter three of my patrome fanfic, read it, review it, enjoy it! Pucktana88 X

Nina Martin: Patricia, can you pass me some toast please

Patricia was too busy thinking about Jerome to jotice.

Nina Martin: Patricia? Patricia?! Snap out of it girl what is with you today

Patricia Williamson:(stopped dreaing about jerome) What?

Nina Martin: The toast?

Patricia Williamson: Oh oh right

She handed Nina the toast. Jerome walked in with Alfie.

Jerome Clarke: Hey trixie

Patricia Williamson: (cute) Hi

Alfie Lewis: I'm telling you man, there are aliens around here that look as wierd as Patricia

Jerome Clarke: Shut up Alfie

Alfie Lewis: Woaaaaaahhhh

Patricia Williamson: I think I'd better head off, got an english test

Amber Millington: Oh no

Nina Martin: What?

Amber Millington: I'd forgotten to study for that test because I was too busy redesigning Mara's wardrobe what am i going to do now

Nina Martin: Amber... I'm sure you'll think of something probably

Patricia walked out of the house and into the garden, Jerome followed her.

Jerome Clarke: Think anyone suspected?

Patricia Williamson: Well judging by the way you told off Alfie - which was very cute - I think he is sort of suspecting us but the rest probably won't figure it out

Jerome Clarke: I really hope so but i hate keeping us a secret

Patricia Williamson: Wanna give me a kiss for good luck in my english test

Jerome Clarke: We havent got an english test today

Patricia: Yes but........

Jerome Clarke: Ahhhh

Jerome and Patricia started to kiss, they stood there for a moment as Amber and Alfie walked out holding hands and caught them red handed.

Amber Millington: (shouts) Patricia!!!!

Alfie Lewis: (shouts) Jerome!!!!