Sorry for the delay but here is chapter 2 of Patrome!!

Patricia sat impatiently as she watched the clock.

Patricia: five to ten, don't want to go too early five minutes, hmm why did Jerome ask me to go to the hall tonight that's so odd

In the other room Jerome was getting ready to meet her in style.

Alfie: Why do you need Joop aftershave for going downstairs for a minute

Jerome: Shut up Alfie

Alfie: Sorry

Jerome: Yeah you should be, are you seeing princess Millington tonight?

Alfie perked up at the sound of her name.

Alfie: Yeah I'm taking her to a film

Jerome (not really paying attention as he sorts his hair):Cool

Alfie:Better not keep her waiting it's five past ten already


Jerome flew out the door in a flash.

Alfie:(sarcastically) Good bye to you too

Patricia was waiting in the hall when Jerome got there.

Patricia: Hey I thought only women came fashionably late


Patricia: Don't be it's okay

Jerome: Cool

Patricia*sniffing*:Hmmm what's that

Jerome: That trixie is Joop aftershave

The two giggled.

Patricia: So what did you want to meet here for?

Jerome: hmm ah emm er

Patricia: Jerome, don't keep me waiting

Jerome: To see if everything is okay


Jerome: Yes

Patricia: Why did you need fancy aftershave and a private location

Jerome: emmmmm

Patricia: What's wrong

Jerome couldn't take it anymore.

Jerome: I look at Alfie and Amber and they have something amazing and then Nina and Fabian they're like the stuff you see on tv and then Mara and Mick aren't usual but they love each other and for the past few weeks you're the only thing on my mind i cant stop thinking about you Patricia

Patricia noticed the gleam in his eyes as she was deeply looking into it

Patricia: Jerome is this one of your pranks

Jerome: I love you

Patricia: (stunned) I,i,i,i i dont know what to say

Jerome: You dont have to say anything

Jerome kisses her passinately and put his hands around her waist

Patricia: Was that for real

Jerome: Do you want it to be

Patricia: (deeply looks into his eyes) im lost for words

Jerome: I'll take that as a yes

So what do you think was it as good as chapter one?? Thanks for reading!! Pucktana88 xx