Patricia's POVEdit

It was after prom Joy was safe and sound and everything was perfect except for one thing my relationship with Jerome OK don't get me wrong I like being close friends with him but theirs something about him that's stumping me I really like him like not kidding I like him there I finally admitted it but he once told me he liked Mara why is life so heartbreaking...

Jerome's POVEdit

OK I don't know why I did it but I tried to defend Trixie I know I like Mara but um is it OK to like two girls that are close friends I don't know but... No... Why is my life so confusing..

Amber's POVEdit

Um... Their something about Jerome and Patricia I think they look cute together maybe I could set them up YES!! So we have Mickra, AMFIE, Fabina and Patrome!! Perfect Idea Amber you're a genius!!!! Remember Smile!! *Smiles*

End of POVSEdit

Jerome- Hey Trixie can I talk to you

Patricia- Sure..

  • They walk into another room*

Patricia- You're not going to trow a toad or rat at me right anf please anything but feet I hate feet

Jerome- You're scared of feet?

Patricia- A little

Jerome- Well don't worry I'm not going to shove my feet in your face

Patricia- Thank you

Jerome- I was going to ask you um is it ok for a guy to like two girls at once?

Patricia- I don't know I'm not a guy... You should ask Alfie

Jerome- Can't he's to Gaga over Amber

  • They both laugh*

Jerome- OK bye then *Starts to leave*

Patricia- Wait! *Grabs his hand* Why??

Jerome- Just wondering

Patricia- You sure it not anything else

Jerome- Ok I like Mara as you know but I like...

Patricia- Yeah?

Jerome- *Thinks You never tell a girl you like her it makes you look like an Idiot say Nina yeah Nina* Nina.

Patricia- Oh... *Has a dispersed look on her face* Yeah *One tear runs down her cheek* Um I'll just go...

Jerome- Trixie.. Wait

Patricia- No um I got to go *Runs up to room*

Jerome- Smart Jerome Really Smart *Slaps Fore-head* Stupid Stupid

Patricia- *Walking upstairs*

Nina- Hey Patricia what's wrong??

Patricia- Get out of my face!!!

Nina- Why are you so mad!!

Patricia- STAY OUT OF MY FACE!! *Goes into her room, Sits down on her bed and Starts crying like theirs no tomorrow!*