260px-Mara and Patricia talking in bathroom
==Mara's POV==

i walked into anbuis house!! I was dating Jerome!! IN YOUR FACE PATRICIA!! Patricia used to have acrush on Jerome before Eddie came along...


Patricia- Walks back down the staires and sees Jerome So, you want to go catch a movie or something? You know as friends...

Jerome- SURE!! I mean Sure.. How's-- Get's inturupted.

Mara- JEROME!! Hugs him

Patricia- Has the urge to break the lamp beside her.

Jerome- Mara, great to see you again.

Mara- What are you two talking about?

Patricia- Why does it matter to you? Stands up.

Mara- Meow, I just wanted to know.

Jerome- Nothing. Trixie, I'll talk to you later

Patricia- Yeah...

Jerome and Mara- Leave

Patricia- Yells and breaks the lamp beside her, then mumbles swear words.


Patricia- Hugs him. You too. How was your summer?

Eddie- Great! Dad and I got to know each other better.

Patricia- That's great.

Eddie- Right?

Patricia- Yeah.

Jerome- Walks in. Sorry Trixie, I forgot my-- Oh, Eddie's here. Grindles his teeth.

Eddie- Good to see you too, Jerry.

Jeorme- Shut it. Grabs his phone and walks out.

Eddie- What's his problem?

Patricia- I don't know. I' check!

Eddie- Weird...

End of Chapter 2 :D