31st June 2011

My life is pretty normal, I go to school, eat meals and do everything that regular people do, exept I go to the House of Anubis, this creepy boarding school in the middle of England, where nothing is normal. My name is Nina Martian and this is my story.

With the big mystery over and Joy back at Anubis, I just dont know what to do, I mean sure Fabian and I are going out, but I miss the mysteries, I miss finding and solving the riddles that led me to the relics, but most of all, I miss visting Sarah. She was like a Grandma to me (exept I have a real one back in America), I was very upset when she died.

Me and Joy have been getting along quite well, in fact she has been sitting next to me at mealtimes instead of Patrica, I'm not really one to judge, but I think she might be spying on me for Rufus or the Society.

Trudy has just called for us to go to bed (Victor hasn't been the same since the night of the prom). Amber has been trying to find out what im writing, (I will tell you all about my friends tomorrow morning)