Episode 1: House of SibunaEdit

(Ambers phone) Amber: hey Nina, what time does your plane land?

Nina: err well I won't becoming back for two weeks, grans sick

Amber: what! That's just let me down!

(Amber get's out of the car and goes into the house)

Trudy: Amber! Everyone's been waiting for you

Amber: thanks Truds, it's so good to have you back!

(Amber walks into the living room)

Alfie: hey Ambs

Joy: hey

Fabian: Nina with you?

Amber: no, she's not coming back until two weeks time, her grans sick

Fabian: thanks Amber

Mick: hey Mars

Mara: er, hey Mick...

Jerome: move it meat head she's taken

Mick: girlfriend stealer!

Joy: Mick, Jerome! Shut up!


Eddie: er yacker pass me the peas?

Patrica: even though where dating you still call me Yacker?

Eddie: you call me slime ball

Patrica: fair enough

Amber: Sibuna meeting, Midnight the attic. Pass it on!

Alfie, Fabian and Patrica) Okay

(Victor walks in)

Victor: everyone due to you all being tired I advise you to get an early night

All: what!

Patrica: Victor, we are sixteen. We are parcticlay adults

Victor: Miss Williamson no cheek! Or your going to be cleaning my office

Patrica: (rolls eyes) even precious Corbiere?

(Everyone laughs)

Victor: go get your tooth brush and clean my office... and yes you shall clean Corbierre!

Patrica: (sighs) fine... see you later guys

(Midnight, the attic)

Amber: Sibuna meeting will now take place.

Fabian: maybe we shouldn't do a Sibuna meeting, not with out Nina

Amber: okay then... what should we do now?

Patrica: well I bought up some cookies

Amber: lets dig in!

(Nina and Ambers room, the room glows)

Episode 2: House of CluesEdit

(School, Eddie walks over to Patrica)

Eddie: hey Yacker (Peddie kiss)

Patrica: whats up with you. You seem more, cheery?

Eddie: (nervously) err well my mom and dad wanted you to come to dinner tonight, my moms in town so... want to come?

Patrica: err yeah, sure I haven't got anything planned. Bye got to go to back to the house

(Eddie leaves, outside the house a taxi pulls up)

Taxi Driver: this the right stop?

Nina: yeah, did I give you the money?

Taxi Driver: yes (drives off)

Nina: I'm back! (Walks back into the house)

Amber: Nina! Your back early!

Nina: hi, turns out my gran had a really bad cold. Did I miss any drama?

Amber: no, it's kinda boring without you being here

Nina: glad to know.

(Fabian walks in looking down on his phone)

Fabian: hey Amber I keep on getting these weired- NINA!

Nina: Fabes! (Fabina hug)

Fabian: your back early

Nina: yeah. Gran had a cold

Amber: sorry to break up a Fabina moement but what where you saying Fabian?

Fabian: oh yeah, I keep on getting these weired signals from the house

Nina: first day back and a mysterys been discovered, nice work


Alfie: so you and the Orisan huh Patrica?

Mara: Orisan? What's that?

Jerome: err, nothing just Eddie's- nickname

Mara: why can't it be something like Ed?

Nina: I think Eddie likes the name Orisan

Eddie: yep (rolls eyes)

(Night, Amber is looking through her closet)

Amber: where's my heels when I need them? (turns around to see glowing light, screams)


Eddie: there you are, you should of been here like five minutes ago

Patrica: sorry I was just getting ready

Eddie: listen, my mom is kinda picky on the girls I date so... good luck

(Eddie and Patrica sit down)

Eddie: mom this is Patrica. my girlfriend

Patrica: (waves) hello

Mrs Miller: nice to meet you Trisha

Patrica: it's Patrica

Mrs Miller: so tell us about your self Clarissa?

Patrica: it's Patrica. I was born in England, I have a twin sister called Piper,. Oh I have a best friend called Joy

Mrs Miller: is red your natural hair colour?

Patrica: no, it's brown but I dyed it

Mrs Miller: I see... remember Skyler, now she was a nice girl, so well mannered and well kind

Patrica: whose Skyler? (turns to Eddie)

Eddie: no one, just some girl I knew back in America

Mrs Miller: (laughs) some girl! You two were crazy in love, I rember you two sneaking out at nig-

Mr Sweet: Well Patricas a lovley girl. And that was the past,

Patrica: I think I better go

Mrs Miller: so soon, the conversation was getting good

(Patrica storms off, back at the house Patrica's room)

Joy: so how rude was she?

Patrica: she bought up one of his ex girlfriends

Joy: oh

Mara: so what's going to happen with you and Eddie?

Patrica: I don't know. Odvisouly his mum doesn't like Peddie so, whatevers the best for her

Joy: don't worry, we'll make sure Eddie doesn't come near you

Mara: err, well I got to go me and Jerome have a date so bye. Hope you sort this out

(Mara leaves, Nina runs in)

Nina: guys Amber's missing!

Episode 3: House of SorryEdit

Patrica: what!

Nina: she's gone, no sign of her

Joy: are you sure she's not shopping?

Nina: she wouldn't go shopping at night... wait the singals that Fabian kept on getting from the house maybe they have something to do with this!

(Mourning, Breakfast, Saturday)

Mick: it's quiet in here. Patrica and Eddie, how come your not sitting next to each other?

Joy: don't ask Mick

Jerome: my geuss is that they broke up

Patrica: close to breaking up

Eddie: I told you my mom is picky of the girls that I date

Jerome: (laughs) mummy troubles Sweetie?

Mara: Jerome- any thing about Amber?

Patrica: Nina and Fabian are looking for her

Mara: how can she disapear just like that (snaps her fingers)

Patrica: I have no idea

(Patrica's rooom, Eddie walks in with chocolates and flowers)

Eddie: hey

Patrica: err get out!

Eddie: you are still my girlfriend

Patrica: excuse me! You don't own me!

Eddie: I didn't mean it like that

Patrica: just get out Eddie. I think it's time that we break up. Stay friends

Eddie: Patrica-

(Peddie broke up :( don't worry they will get back together but will have a few obsecales in their way)

Episode 4: House of SearchingEdit

(Nina and Fabian in Nina's room)

Nina: found anything?

Fabian: no. I just see shoes

Nina: hey, I think I found something! (pulls out a note) the walls! The walls! It's from Amber but what does she mean?

(Living room, Joy sits down on the sofa)

Joy: heard you and Patrica broke up

Eddie: did she tell you?

Joy: the walls have ears, I was standing outside the door

Eddie: any tips on how to get her back?

Joy: just let it calm down

Eddie: my mom's still in town she's got a surprise for me

Joy: what is your mum like?

Eddie; you don't wanna know

Joy: what is she the mother from your worst nightmares? (laughs, Eddie's phone beeps)

Eddie: oh great

Joy: whose Skyler?

Skyler: me!

Joy: err what are you doing here?

Skyler: I'm new I'm from America and Eddie's girlfriend

Joy: how come we have so many Americans and your HIS girlfriend

Skyler: yeah

Eddie: we broke up ages ago

Skyler: how come I got a text from your mom saying that you wanted to see me?

(Patrica walks in)

Patrica: hey Joy I was wondering if I could borrow your- whose this?

Skyler: hi, I'm Skyler

Patrica: the Skyler, you've got to be joking me. We just broken up and now your dating her! (storms off)

Eddie: Patrica, wait!

(Somewhere underground)

Amber: Nina! Fabian! Help!

Episode 5: House of PaybackEdit

(Mourning, Sunday Joy, Mara and Patricas room)

Patrica: I need to make him pay

Mara: violence is not the answer

Patrica: not with violence. With a boy, like you did with Jerome when Mick had a girlfriend... Mara do I have permission to fake date Mick?

Mara: ur, yeah, be my geuss

Joy: (looks sad) can't you just put itching powder in his clothes?

Patrica: I'm not twelve!

(Eddie is with Skyler)

Eddie: Skyler, listen... I'm in a relashionship with someone else...

Skyler: yeah right, like that girls your girlfriend

Eddie: she was. But I-

Skyler: meet me in the kitchen for our date that Trudy is cooking us something

Eddie: I wasn't done talking!

Skyler: come on, dinners getting cold!

(Patrica knocks on Mick's door)

Mick: oh hey Patrica, what do you want?

Patrica: as you know me and Eddie broke up

Mick: yeah..

Patrica: and his ex girlfriend is here and I want to make him jelous

Mick: I don't like where this is going

Patrica: can we fake date? Mara said it was okay.

Mick: she would say that... okay

Patrica: (smilies) thank you dinner is at seven (exits)

Episode 6: House of AngerEdit

(Nina, Fabian, Joy, Mara, Alfie, Jerome walk into the living room)

Jerome: do I smell lamb?

Skyler: hi I'm Skyler. I'm Eddie's girlfriend

Fabian: where's Patrica?

Patrica: over here with my new boyfriend (Mick steps out)

Mick: hi guys

(Eddie's eyes widen)

Eddie: you've got to be joking

Patrica: actulay I'm not you see I've moved on

Fabian: but you two don't have anything in common!

Mara: come on Jerome lets go sit down


Nina: so Skyler where abouts from America are you from?

Skyler: well I was born in DC and moved to Califrona where I met Eddie

Patrica: (whispering) put your arm around me

Mick: (Puts arm around Patrica)

Eddie: okay get your arm off my- I mean Patrica!

Skyler: Eddie calm down

Eddie: I will not calm down, your mind games haven't made a fool out of me yacker (runs out of the room)

Skyler: I'll go see if he's okay (runs out embarrased)

Patrica: mission acomplished

Fabian: you and Mick, that was fake?

Mick: course it was

Episode 7: House of PuzzelsEdit

(Sibuna are in the attic)

Nina: okay maybe the light source came from here... poor Amber I wonder where she is

(Fabian looks at the doll house)

Fabian: wait! I think I found something!

Nina: let me see (looks though the window) is that us!

Alfie: as dolls, creepy

Patrica: and look there's Amber!

Nina: how do we get her out?

Alfie: let me try. AbbraCadabra!

Patrica: it didn't work

(Inside the doll house)

Amber: Nina!

Nina: Amber, are you okay?

Amber: yeah I'm fine, did I miss anything?

Patrica: me and Eddie broke up

Amber: what! Why

Fabian: Amber I want you to go around the doll house and see our dolls, are there any missing?

Amber: I'll check (walks around) yeah... Joy's

Patrica: we have to stop it from getting Joy

Amber: wait guys don't leave me here! And there gone

(Patrica goes into her room)

Patrica: Joy are you in here? Joy!

Joy: I'm right here... something up

Patrica: yeah- be careful okay. A lot of strange things are happening around the house

Joy: um okay...

(Patrica walks out, a glow shines Joy screams, Patrica runs into the room)

Patrica: JOY!

Episode 8: House of ThreatsEdit

Nina: what's taking Patrica so long?

(Patrica storms in)

Alfie: there she is

Patrica: Joy's gone

Fabian: what!

Nina: are you sure?

Patrica: I was outside the bedroom door and I saw a glow

Nina: lets check on the doll house


Nina: Amber, Joy are you okay?

Joy: where am I?

Fabian: she's okay. Don't worry guys where getting you out of there... soon

Amber: well you better get us out soon our I swear I will-

(Patrica is walking in the hall, Skyler see's her)

Skyler: how dare you try and steal my Eddie!

Patrica: huh

Skyler: (eyes go red) he's mine!

Episode 9: House of HeartbreakEdit

Notice: People this is my work, I mean the plot is but I've been getting kinda of threats and plz don't edit on my work.

(Patrica escapes into her room)

Patrica: Ma- Ah! Get a room

(Mara and Jerome pull apart)

Mara: sorry, Patrica are you okay?

Patrica: (looks at Jerome)

Jerome: I better go (kisses cheek, exits)

Patrica: it's what happened in the past. I've ruined everything. I'm so stupid

Mara: your not, listen if you miss Eddie then-

Patrica: miss him... (laughs) Mara I don't miss him...... okay maybe a little

Mara: then go tell him, before it's too late!

(Eddie and Skyler are in the living room)

Eddie: Skyler can we talk?

Skyler: shoot

Eddie: I don't want us to be dating anymore

Skyler: oh...

Eddie: I still love

Skyler: no you don't (eyes glow) Patrica will suffer

Eddie: why are your eyes glowing?

Skyler: break Patrica's heart! (exits, Patrica w

alks in)

Patrica: hey Eddie

Eddie: Patrica!

Patrica: listen I've been thinking and well, I want us to be Peddie agian

Eddie:y, you do?

Patrica: (nods)

Eddie: I'm sorry I can't, I love Skyler

Patrica: oh (stands up) sorry. Wish you all the best (leaves, attic)

Amber: Joy, where's Patrica's doll gone?

Joy: uh oh.... we have to warn her


Episode 10: House of EvilEdit

(Patrica's room)

Mara: so how did it go?

Patrica: terrible. He loves Skyler

Mara: he's saying that to.... I bet he doesn't

Patrica: oh Nina is looking for you

Mara: me? Well I better go (goes downstairs, Sibuna)

Nina: Mara and Jerome. You have been chosen to join Sibuna

Mara: Sibuna?

Nina: meet us tomorrow, lunch in the woods, bring a thing that you love

Mara: um okay...

(Attic, Skyler opens the doll house)

Amber: whose she Joy?

Joy: you, you did this to us, what are you going to do to Patrica?

Skyler: oh nothing, just scaring her off Eddie

Amber: don't you dare get between Peddie!

Skyler: already have and-

Patrica: Joy, are you there... Skyler, your the one who put them in there

Skyler: so what, going to tell Sibuna, no one crosses me, I'm Sibuna's worst nightmare!

Patrica: how do you know what Sibuna is?

(Skyler hit's Patrica, causing her to fall)

Episode 11: House of SuspicionsEdit


Nina: okay, Mara put your sience book in the fire

Mara: but, but.. fine (throws into the fire)

Jerome: I'll say goodbye to my prank kit (throws in fire)

Alfie: welcome to Sibuna!

Nina: now lets go into the attic


Nina: Patrica! What happened to her?

Mara: (eyes widen) someone call an ambulance!

Nina: (gets phone out) it doesn't work

Fabian: what number did you type?

Nina: 911!

Fabian: it's 999

Nina: (dials) go get Trudy!


Mara: what did the doctor say?

Alife: she's in a coma, whoever did this to her must of hit her bad

Mara: Skyler!

Nina: huh?

Mara: nothing

Episode 12: House of ForgivenessEdit

(Mara texts Eddie)

Eddie: Patrica's in hospital!

Skyler: what?

Eddie: your the one who put Patrica in hospital!

Skyler: no I didn't

Eddie: oh come on, you sad so yourself, I'll go visit her

Skyler: wait!

(Hospital, Patrica's room is empty)

Eddie: Patrica, I am so sorry. I know you can't hear me but I just want to give you this

(Eddie kisses her, walks out the room, Patrica's hand moves. She wakes up)

Patrica: Eddie!

(Mara walks in)

Mara: Patrica, your awake!

Patrica: go get Eddie!

Mara: (runs, comes back with Eddie)

Patrica: Eddie!

Eddie: Yacker! (Peddie hug)

Patrica: where's Skyler?

Eddie: I don't know. Back at the house maybe

Patrica: she's got Joy and Amber, she needs to be stopped

Episode 13: House of RevengeEdit

(A few days, Patrica has been released)

Patrica: it's so good to be out

Eddie: does that mean that where back on?

Patrica: yep. Now we need to find Skyler!

(Back at the house)

Amber: Nina!

Nina: Amber, Joy!

Amber: Skyler let us out

Fabian: do you know where she is?

Joy: no, but I have a feeling that she'll be back

(Peddie walk in)

Mara: look whose back!

Patrica: hey guys

Amber: Patrica (hugs)

Patrica: don't hug me. Great news me and Eddie are back together

Amber: YAY!.... Sorry

Alfie: but what about Skyler?

Nina: we'll find her

Episode 14: House of RomanceEdit

(Jara, Amfie, Peddie and Fabina are on a date)

Amber: isn't it freaky. We are all in Sibuna

Nina: guys what are we going to do about Skyler?

Patrica: I don't know. We will think of something


Mick: hey Joy I was wondering if you-

Joy: yes! (Moy kiss)

Mick: great! I've always liked you it's just that I was dating Mara and Amber and well. Sorta got in the way

(Everyone comes back)

Joy: guys, geuss who I'm going out with...

Mick: me!

Mara: congrats guys!

Jerome: yeah. Now everyone is dating... I'm going to get some ice cream (exits)


Skyler: I'll make Sibuna pay for what they did to my dad or my name isn't Skyler Zeno... (evil smilies)

Episode 15: House of RencarnationEdit

(Woods, Skyler has a book)

Skyler: Adducet Rufus Zeno a interitum (Latin for bring back Rufus Zeno from the afterlife)

(A portal opens but then closes)

Skyler: no! I almost had it. I need the chosen one and the oriasin... who are they.

(Back at the house, Sibuna)

Nina: okay we are running out of clues. Skyler is nowhere to be seen

Fabian: she's probalay left the country

Alfie: or not

Mara: she couldn't of gone far

Patrica: yeah but how did she know who Sibuna was?

Nina: I, I don't know maybe she heard us talking about it

Patrica: I doubt it. Wait glowing eyes. Obessesd with Egypt and the gods... are you thinking what I'm thinking?

All: what?

Patrica: she's crazy

(Everyone laughs)

Episode 16: House of BirthdaysEdit

(Patrica and Mara are watching TV) Mara: Jerome loves this show. More then Amber loves one direction!

Patrica: isn't it Jeromes birthday in like two weeks?

Mara: I forgot! This whole thing with Sibuna has just taken over my life (Skyler is outside listening)

Patrica: so. Chosen one yet?

Mara: oh yeah I was thinking the Orisan could be Jeromes nickname

(Skyler quickly goes back into the forest)

Patrica: I meant his birthday present

Mara: oh... No I haven't chosen one yet

(Skyler is in the woods)

Skyler: so its Mara and Jerome that are the chosen one and Orisan. Who knew. I will have to make them preform the spell. Ha ha!

(Jerome sits next to Mara)

Jerome: your watching Malcolm in the Middle without me?

Mara: you haven't missed much... Jerome your birthdays coming up and...

Jerome: oh no Mara! don't even bother getting me anything

Mara: fine. Be that way

Episode 17: House of NightmaresEdit

(Night Mara is having a dream) Nina: Sarah? why are you here?

Sarah: Nina... The mystery has twist and turns infact your power can be twice as powerfull with the other chosen one

Nina: whose that?

Sarah: she goes by the name Mara

(Mara wakes up. Mourning. Breakfast)

Nina: Fabian I had this weired dream Sarah was there and she said that was another chosen one

Fabian: what! did she give you a name?

Nina: (nods) Mara

Fabian: but I thought that was a myth. But

Nina: but what!

Fabian: there is only another chosen one if he or she is egyptian royalty!

(Amber walks up to them)

Amber: what are you guys talking about?

Nina: nothing just... Orange juice

Fabian: go tell Mara...

(Nina gets up from her chair and walks over to Mara)

Mara: oh hey Nina

Nina: are you a chosen one?

Mara: um...

Nina: you had the same dream as me

Mara: how am I am chosen one?

Nina: Mara your related to Pharohs

Mara: me! youve got to be joking

Nina: trust me I am not joking

Mara: does it really matter?

Nina: yes! Mara I am a chosen one too!

(Jerome walks over to them)

Jerome: did you just say that Mara is the chosen one?

Mara: no she didn't

Jerome: oksy. Well I've got to go. Sweetie wants to have a talk with me about my latest prank in the hallway (exits) Mara: I just have to get something from my room

Joy: we'll see you at school

(Mara opens the bedroom door)

Skyler: hello chosen one...

(A few hours later)

Patrica: hey Jerome. Mara with you?

Jerome: haven't seen her since breakfast

Amber: it's not Mara to skip school

Episode 18: House of PanicEdit

(Woods. Mara is in the barn)

Mara: Skyler what have you done?

Skyler: I need Rufus Zeno to be bougjt back to life. And I need the chosen one and the orisan. So Jerome should be joining you soon

Mara: Jerome is not the Orisan

Skyler: don't lie. Now when I come back you'll have someone to talk to

(Back at the house. Jerome is by himself)

Skyler: Jere. It's Mara I know where she is

Jerome: Skyler I shouldn't trust you

Skyler: she is at that red barn

(Jerome follows Skyler)

Mara: Jerome!

Jerome: Mara!

Mara: it's Skyler she thinks that you are the orisan

Skyler: I'll make a deal... If you help me bring back Rufus Zeno then you'll be free

Jerome: no. Rufus is staying in the underworld

Mara: Jerome. We have to.

Skyler: yes! Now Mara and Jerome around this circle and Mara read this book

(Mara reads the passage. A golden light appears and Rufus appears)

Skyler: hello Rufus

Rufus: Skyler. You freed me. Jerome it's nice to see you agian. Amd whose this!

Mara: Mara

Skyler: she's the other chosen one. Who is royalty

Rufus: she will help us gain power. Jerome can go

Jerome: what about Mara!

Rufus: she stays with me

(Skyler throws Jerome out and locks the door)

Jerome: Mara! (runs back to the house)

Alfie: hey Jerome. Your home late

Jerome: it's Skyler and Rufus they are at red barn... With Mara

Eddie: we have a problem

Fabian: if Mara is royal they will try and send her to the underworld. But on the brightside it only can happen in two weeks time

Alfie: alright. Were going on a mission!

Jerome: how is Mara even related to pharohs

Fabian: we don't know. Maybe but we have to leave now

(Sibuna are at the red barn)

Nina: they left

Amber: well they couldn't of gone far

Patrica: guys I found something

Jerome: Mara's charm braclet

Eddie: maybe she left it because she knew that we would come

Joy: there are some car tracks in the mud. We could follow them

Fabian: then lets start walking!

(Rufus is in another unknown location) Mara: okay Skyler you got him back so can you let me go?

Rufus: no. With your help I will be the most powerful man

Mara: can you let me go after that?

Rufus: no. You will be in the underworld

Mara: listen. I am not egyptian royalty!

Skyler: you have the looks of cleopatra

Mara: that doesn't mean anything.

Episode 19: House of DangerEdit

Amber: how long have we been up?

Patrica: six hours. Maybe seven

Nina: we should call it quits

Jerome: and let her die?

Nina: your right. Guys keep on walking

(Mara realises that the door is slightly open. She escapes and runs. Sibuna are walking and they see Mara)

Alfie: is thag Mara?

Nina: it is. Mara!

Mara: guys. Jerome (Jara hug)

Nina: how did you escape?

Mara: Rufus left the door open. We have to go to the house. Because he will come back

Episode 20: House of DilemmasEdit

(Joy is in Mick's room and comrs across his diary)

Joy: Mick still loves Mara...

(Mick walks in)

Joy: you still love Mara?

Mick: Joy. You shouldn't have been reading my journal

Joy: Mara has moved on. She does not love you anymore

Mick: I dont love Mara.

Joy: just tell me. I can take it

(Jerome looks at Maras laptop and there is a video chat request from Noa)

Noa: Mara! wait your not Mara

Jerome: no my nmae is Jerome

Noa: Jerone. You changed so much hey people from germany anubis and from hollan are coming over

Jerome: its Jerome. Who are you

Noa: I am Noa. Maras sister

Jerome: Mara has a twin sister

(Mara enters)

Mara: Jerome why are you talking to my sister

Jerome: well apparently the german anubis and holland anubis are.coming to visit

Mara: oh. Noa where are you?

Noa: outside your windo (Het huis anubis cast and das haus anubis walk into the hallway)

Nina: Amber. Who are these people

Delia: hello I am Delia. We are from germany