Go Marome!!!

Mara's P.O.V

It was a normal day back at Anubis house. Apparently Mick broke my heart. ( Now he's with Amber ) and barely notices me anymore. I'm totally over him. I guess Mick isn't right for me. But Jerome is being really nice. It seems like if someone does something, that's basicly their personality. But Jerome has a soft spot that he's only shown to me.Who knows about Jerome, but I know here's a wonderful boy inside him. Oh Joy's back and i'm so GLAD to see one of my good friends.

Jerome's P.O.V

Just regular day here back at the house of Anubis. Sometimes I hate myself. I can be such an annoying jerk. Alfie thinks I treat him like a dog, and Rufus Zeno gives me the creeps.* Shivers* Someone as wonderfull and smart and beautiful like Mara is probably the one who will give me a chance to be myself. But a girl like Mara would never like a nasty, mean prankster like myself. Maybe I am a mess-up. That's pretty much why my parents sent me here. Well, I guess this is my life.


" Hey Fabian" said Nina. She always tried her best to hide her crush from Fabian. " Hey Nina" replied Fabian. He also liked Nina. But he knew she wouldn't like her. " Spread the news to Sibuna members that we're having a meeting after class," said Nina. "Alright," said Fabian. Nina and Fabian Walked down to class together. They entered the classroom and sat down next to each other. While Mara was in the hall Alfie tripped her and she fell. Jerome came and helped Mara get her books. The two eyes met. Blue to brown.

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