(Daytime at Anubis)

Jerome: Nina are you OK

Nina: Yeah I'm fine, just worried

Jerome: Yeah I am too, dont worry about it

Nina: Okay

(At the woods)

Rufus: Justin are you ok

Justin: I'm good, man I want to kill that brat and her boyfriend

Rufus: So do I

(Back at Anubis)

Victor: Miss Martin can I see you in my office

Nina: Sure

(Nina and Victor sit down)

Nina: Why am I here

Victor: Because Rufus phoned up saying that he wil kill you and Jerome if he doesnt get the Cup of Ankh

Nina: Well I'm not going to plus I cant even remember where I hid the damn thing

(Nina gets up an leaves)

Jerome: Nina, are you Ok

Nina: Yeah

(Rufus and Justin come in)

Nina: Great I'm seeing double again

Jerome: Me too

Rufus: Give me the Cup of Ankh

Nina: Now why the hell would I do that

Justin: Because I can make you

Nina: I'm not scared of you

(Nina throws open the curtains and Justin burns to death)

Jerome: Nice one Nins

Nina: We had better run

Jerome: Why oh right

(Jerome and Nina run out the back door)

Nina: Why is it Victors always in his office when this stuff happens

Jerome: No idea

Nina: Oh damn it

Jerome: What

Nina: Rufus just pulled up in his truck

Jerome: Well now we can go back

(they run back to Anubis)

Jerome: Well I'm tired i'm going to bed

Nina: Me too

Jerome: Goodnight (Kisses her passionatley)

Nina: Night

(In Nina's room)

Nina: That was close

Rufus: Yes it was

Nina: I have got to start locking those windows

(Rufus grabs Nina and stabs her in the chest, and leaves her on the floor)