(Nina is laying on Jerome's bed)

Jerome: Nina please wake up

(Trudy comes in)

Trudy: Jerome, maybe we should take her to the hospital

Jerome: Ok (Picks Nina up and carries her to the hospital)

(In Nina's hospital ward)

Jerome: How is she?

Nurse: Not good, she is in a serious coma and might not wake up, but if she does she might have a serious case of amnesia

(The Nurse leaves)

Jerome: I'm going to make you better I promise

(Jerome bites his wrist and feeds Nina his blood and leaves)

(The Nurse comes in and Nina is sat up in bed)

Nurse: How are you feeling?

Nina: Great

Nurse: Well you can have one more test to check you are fine then you can go back

Nina: Thanks

(Jerome comes in)

Nina: Jerome

(Jerome hugs Nina tightly)

Nina: Jerome, what did you do

Jerome: You're not mad are you

Nina: No now what did you

Jerome: I gave you some of my blood, so be careful until it passes out of your system

Nina: Thanks (kisses him for 10 seconds)

(Back at Anubis)

Nina: Jerome, thanks, the Nurse thought I was going to die or wake up with memory loss

Jerome: I wouldnt do it for just anyone, Rufus and his brother are going to pay for this

Nina: You think?