(Nina and Jerome walk back to Anubis)

Nina: I sure hope they arent there

Jerome: They wont be, you doused Justin with Holy Water he wont try anything anytime soon, but Rufus might, maybe you should stay in my room tonight

Nina: Sure, but how will we convince Captian Curfew

Jerome: You could hide in that bit in the wall until Victor goes back into his office

Nina: Good Idea

Rufus: Disscussing plans were we?

Nina: I'd scream but I dont know which one I'm talking to

Jerome: Its Rufus

Nina: How can you tell

Jerome: Justins a vampire but it was dark when he attacked you so he cant walk in the sun

Nina: Now thats all cleared up, run!!

(Jerome and Nina run back to Anubis and lock the door behind them)

Nina: Now that was close

Jerome: You're telling me

Victor: What is going on?

Nina: Well, lets see, Rufus has a twin brother and he nearly got us

Victor: Well good thing you locked the door

Jerome: Thank you Captian Obvious

Victor: Enough with the nicknames Clarke

(Rufus comes in through the window)

Nina: Damn it, why didnt I think of the windows too, my plans have been faling lately

Rufus: Sorry to interupt-

Jerome: I'm sorry you were born

Rufus: Shut it

Nina: No

Rufus: Anyway Nina, where is the Cup of Ankh

Nina: Not telling

Victor: Zeno just leave

Rufus: Oh victor I didnt see you there

Nina: Oh you must be blind then

Jerome: What am I garlic Hummus

Nina: Not to me

(Rufus pulls a plank of wood out of his pocket and hits Nina on the head)

Jerome: You had better get out of here unless you want to end up in hospital

(Rufus leaves and Victor goes to his office)

Jerome: Nina wake up come on

(Jerome carries Nina to his room and lays her on his bed)