(The next moring Nina is still on the floor)

Jerome: Trudy where's Nina?

Trudy: Probably still up in her room

(Jerome runs up to Nina's room)

Jerome: Nina!

(Jerome shakes Nina awake)

Nina; Jerome, what happened?

Jerome: I dont know (Moves Nina's hand from her neck), who did that?

Nina: I don't know but probably the same one who attacked Victor

???: That would be me

Jerome: Rufus?

Nina: Nope thats his twin brother

Justin: Thats right Nina

(Jerome throws Justin against the wall)

Nina: cool

Justin: Not for me

Nina: Dude you drank my blood, I dont feel sorry for you

Jerome: Nina go

Nina: Fine (opens the door)

Rufus: I see you've met my brother

Nina: Jerome, can you check my head, im seeing double

Jerome:(Lets go of Justin and runs over to Nina) Yeah me too

(Rufus shuts the door)

Nina: Great

Jerome: what

Nina: I did come up with a plan to get out of here but since Rufus showed up, that plan is history

Justin: Just shut up

Nina: This is my room, you shut up (throws Holy water over him)

Jerome: Now's our chance run

(Nina and Jerome run to the clearing)

Jerome: That was close, good call on the Holy water

Nina: Thanks, we had better make sure when we go back to the house that all the windows and doors are locked.

Jerome: Good call, Nina do you want to

Nina: Do I want to what