(Late at night)

Jerome: Nina, your sad, I can tell

Nina: How

Jerome: you're shaking

Nina: Look a couple of days ago the file of my parents death was released to the press and it said they commited sucide, but they were murdered I know it, like Gibbs on NCIS says "I can feel it in my gut"

Jerome: I'm sorry

Nina: Thats Ok

Jerome: Lets go to bed

Nina: Sure

Jerome: Night (kisses her)

(At breakfast, people are wheeling someone out on a gurney)

Nina: Jerome whats going on?

Jerome: I have no idea

Trudy: Kids that was Victor some kind of wild animal attacked him last night

Nina&Jerome: WHAT!!

Jerome: What type of animal?

Trudy: No idea, it bit his neck pretty bad though

(Trudy leaves)

Nina: Jerome what did you do?

Jerome: It wasnt me, there must be another vampire in town

Nina: What, who

Jerome: Thats what I wanna know

(In Nina's room)

(Someone comes up behind Nina)

Nina: Who's there?

???: Me

Nina: Rufus what are you doing here?

???: I'm not Rufus, I'm his brother

Nina: what

(Covers Nina's mouth and bites her neck and leaves her on the floor)