(The next morning)

Jerome: Hey Nina (kisses her)

Nina: Hi, I've been thinking about the paper that we found and the end of the heart looks like flax and thats woven, so maybe two peoples souls are joined togther, and by two people I mean us, my gran used to tell me stories about the chosen one and a vampire falling in love and their souls joining together, so I guess that must be why I can feel your pain.

Jerome: you are a total genuis

Nina: Thank you, lets go eat

Jerome: Sure thing (kisses her)

(In the woods)

???: So Jerome is a vampire, well all we need to do is make sure that he never turns Nina, and we need to try a different angle when trying to get the Cup of Ankh off those two brats, maybe we should kidnap Nina this time not Jerome.

Rufus: Sounds like a plan

(At Anubis)

Jerome: Nina, do you want to watch a film?

Nina: Sure, which one?

Jerome: Twilight

Nina: thats offensive to vampires, meaning you

Jerome: How?

Nina: real vampires dont sparkle in the sun

Jerome: Fair enough, what about Titanic?

Nina: Sure (Kisses him)

(Nina and Jerome are cuddled up on the sofa)

Jerome: Nina are you alright?

Nina: Yeah I'm fine

(Nina's Flashback)

(At Police station)

Nina: But my parents didnt commit sucide they were murdered!

Police Officer: Thats not what the evidence says, I'm sorry miss I cant reopen the investagation

(Nina runs out in tears)