Nina: Well that was unexpected

Jerome: (Runs up the stairs) Nina, are you Ok?

Nina: Yeah I'm fine

Jerome: As long as your sure (hugs her and kisses her hair)

Nina: (Nina's locket starts glowing), I think we need to go in the attic

(Jerome helps Nina up and they walk in the attic)

Jerome: OK weve got 20 minutes before Victor locks the Attic for the night

Nina: Jerome look, and eye of Horus (puts her locket up to it)

(A piece of paper falls out)

Nina: What the heck does this mean?

(Shows the paper to Jerome, it has a heart with its ends woven together)

Jerome: I have no idea

(Suddenly the attic lock clicks)

Nina & Jerome: Damn it!

Nina: Now what?

Jerome; I could rip it off

Nina: No, it would be to dangerous because they might find out, we'll just have to find something to pick the lock with

Jerome: Like a hairpin or something

Nina: Yeah, or a fake credit card

Jerome: Good idea, but where would we get o-

(Nina pulls a fake credit card out of her pocket)

Jerome: You are a genius

Nina: I know (Walks over to the lock at picks it)

Jerome: Where did you learn how to do that

Nina: The internet

Jerome: I love you (kisses her neck)

Nina: I love you to

Jerome's POV

Last night I had the worst nightmare any vampire could ever have.

(Jerome dream, flashback)

(Nina is walking through the garden)

(Jerome appears behind her)

Nina: Jerome you scared me, are you ok

Jerome: Yeah I'm fine

(Jerome puts his hand over Nina's mouth and sinks his fangs into her neck)

Jerome: Im sorry Nina

End of POV