(Nina starts to make her way to Big Rock, with the fake cup of Ankh in the bag

Nina: If Jerome is hurt anymore that creep had better watch out

(Nina sees Jerome through the clearing, and a man pulls a cross out of his pocket and holds it up to Jerome's face)

(Nina and Jerome start to scream at the same time, the man turns around and starts walking towards Nina)

Nina: I should have known

???: What just happened?

Nina: Belive me Rufus, I have no idea

Rufus: Give me your bag

Nina: Give me Jerome's ring first, or no deal

(Rufus hands Nina Jerome's ring and she runs towards him leaving her bag)

(Nina quickly unties Jerome)

Jerome: Its a good thing I can count on you

Nina: Yeah, come on we need to get out of here now

(Nina helps Jerome into the clearing and gives him some of her blood, and they run back to Anubis House)

Jerome: Nina what did you give Rufus?

Nina: A papier mache version of the Cup of Ankh

Jerome: (Kisses her) you are a genius

Nina: Yeah I guess I am

(Nina's locket glows and pulls her up the stairs and slams her into the attic door)

Nina: what the hell!?