(Jerome is thrown into a red van)

???: Wake up sleepyhead

Jerome: (weakly opens his eyes), YOU!!

(At Anubis House)

(Nina keeps checking her phone)

Trudy: Are you alright sweetie, you seem quiet

Nina: Yeah I'm fine

(Victor come in)

Victor: Nina someone's on the phone for you

(Nina goe to the phone)

Nina: Hello

???: Hello Nina

Nina: Who is this

???: You'll find out soon enough

Nina: What do you want?

???: Meet me at the big rock 2 hours before sunrise with the Cup of Ankh, or your boyfriend turns to ashes

Nina: You took his ring off didnt you

???: Smart girl, right now he is in so much pain and if you dont want him to die you will meet me with the cup of Ankh

Nina: Ok

???: No tricks or you both die, oh by the way the sun rises at 3am, tick tock Nina (Hangs up the phone)

(Nina starts to make her way to the school when Victor catches her)

Victor: Where are you going?

Nina: To go to the art room to make a fake cup of Ankh which I can give to the creep who is going to kill my boyfriend

(Nina runs off)

(at midnight she comes out with a fake cup of Ankh, and starts walking to the big rock)