(At the Burnt out Tree, Jerome is standing by the tree)

Nina: Jerome, I'm here what to you want to talk to me about?

Jerome; Nina before I tell you you have to promise that no-one will know

Nina: Jerome, I promise, no-one will know

Jerome: Nina, I'm a vampire

Nina: WHAT!!!, (Slowly starts to back away)

Jerome: (Gently grabs Nina's wrist), Nina, I wont hurt you, I love you

Nina: I'm sorry its just too much to take in all at once, can we meet tomorrow and you can tell me everything?

Jerome: (Lets go of Nina's wrist), of course (they both french kiss for 5 minutes)

Nina: I love you

Jerome: I love you too

(Jerome puts his arm around Nina and they walk back to Anubis House)

(The next day)

(Nina gets a text from Jerome)

Jerome: Hi babes meet me at the forest clearing, and I will tell you everything you want to know

Nina: (Texts him back), Ok Iove you

Jerome: I love you too Nina

(Nina gets dressed and walks to the clearing)

Nina: Hi Jerome

Jerome: Hi Nina, what would you like to know, I will awnser anything

Nina: Garlic?

Jerome: Lethal, we cant do anything for 3 days

Nina: Holy water

Jerome: Not drinkable, it burns our skin, and if its drank by a vampire we cant move at all, until we get blood

Nina: Crucifixes?

Jerome: Very painful

Nina: Mirrors?

Jerome: Myth

Nina: Sunlight?

Jerome: (shows Nina his ring), this protects me.

Nina: Thank you

Jerome: Anytime (kisses her)

(Something unseen grabs Jerome and pours holy water on his skin and forces some down his throat)