(In Jerome's Room)

Jerome: Damn it, why did I have to run off, now she will hate me (Looks at a 'famliy' ring on his finger) especially if she found out who I REALLY am. (Jerome runs back to Nina, who has a bandage on her finger)

(In the dining room)

Jerome: Hey Nina (kisses her cheek)

Nina: Hi are you Ok

Jerome: Yeah I'm fine

Nina: I get it blood makes you sqeamish, its no big deal

Jerome: Yeah it is meet me at the Burnt out tree at midnight tonight

Nina: Sure

(In Nina's room)

Nina: I wonder what Jerome is going to tell me

(Clock beeps midnight, Nina runs out to the burnt out tree)

What is Jerome going to tell Nina?

Find out in the next episode of: Jerina Forbidden love