(In the Anubis Garden)

Jerome: Nina there is something that I need to ask you

Nina: Whats that?

Jerome: Well we have been friends for a long time and I was wondering if you would- um

Nina: Yeah

Jerome: Will you go out with me?

Nina: (Smlies and then kisses him), that anwser you question?

Jerome: Hell yeah (Kisses her back)

Nina: Lets go Trudy's made dinner

Jerome: Ok (Puts his arm around Nina and starts walking back to Anubis house)

(At dinner)

Nina: Jerome whats wrong your not eating

Jerome: Oh I -- Um - I had a big lunch so I'm not hungry

Nina: Oh OK then

(When Nina is eating she acidentally cuts herself, blood dripping down her finger)

(Jerome gets up and takes his bag with him)

What is Jerome hiding?

Will Nina find out?

What does this have in store for Jerina?

Find out in the next episode