(In the lounge)

Jerome: Guys its Nina, she's weak and Fabian took her

Sibuna: WHAT!!

Amber: We have to help her

Mick: Duh, she'll die if she doesn't have her locket on, Oh by the way pick a number between 1-100

Jerome: 100

Mick: Well that's going to be 100 homeruns on Fabian's head then

(Everyone laughs)

Patrica: Guys, Nina

Jerome: Lets go

(In the forest)

Nina: I am going to kill you Fabian Rutter

Fabian: Really

Nina: Yes really

Fabian: (Slaps her) I'd like to see you try

(Fabian slams Nina against a tree and chokes her)

Jerome: Let her go

Sibuna: Yeah

(Fabian holds Nina in front of him and puts a stake to her heart)

Fabian: Try anything and she dies

Nina: Fabian, I can't belive you

(Fabian stakes Nina in the stomach and leaves and drops her locket)

Jerome: Nina are you ok, (Puts her locket on her and kisses her hair)

Nina: Yeah I'm fine

Amber: Nina I bought you this just in case (hands her a blood bag)

Nina: Thanks Amber (Hugs her)

Patrica: Nina are you ok (Pulls the stake out)

Nina: Yeah, thanks

Mick & Mara: Fabian got away

(Jerome carries Nina back to Anubis and puts her in their room)

Ghost Sarah: Nina its not over, find the pieces of Cleopatra's crown and reassemble and join them with the Cup of Ankh and the Statue of Bastet when the sun meets the moon around the statue of Anubis in Eygpt, protect them all from Rufus at all costs.

Nina: What, Sarah