(Morning in Nina and Jerome's room)

Nina: Jerome I don't feel so good

Jerome: You'll be fine, wait where's your locket

Nina: Oh great

Jerome: I'll go and tell sibuna

(Jerome leaves and Fabian comes in)

Nina: Get out of my room you creep

Fabian: I just thought you'd like to know whats wrong with you

Nina: So know you're playing Doctor

Fabian: I put garlic and Holy water down your throat and took your locket last night, give me the Cup and you can have your precious little Locket back

Nina: No

Fabian: (Pulls open the curtains and holds Nina in front of the sun)

Fabian: Bet that hurts doesn't it

(Nina screams in pain and Jerome rushes in)

Jerome: Fabian, what are you doing here?

Fabian: (Lets go of Nina) taking your girlfriend

(Fabian knocks Jerome out, puts his hand over Nina's mouth and drags her into the clearing)