Nina: I'm glad you're Ok Jerome

Jerome: Me too, I thought the werewolves were gonna kill me

Nina: As if I'd let that happen

(They kiss)

Amber: Aren't they adorable Mara

Mara: Yeah its like they were made for each other

Nina: Well I'm kinda thirsty anyone offering up a vein?

(Sibuna look terrified)

Nina: I'm joking, as if I'd kill my friends

(At the table)

Alfie: So Nina, you're not an alien then

Nina: No Alfie I'm not an Alien

Jerome: You're to pretty to be an alien

Mick: So who's rooming with who now that were back

Trudy: I've got the arrangment right here

Nina- Jerome

Amber- Alfie



Patrica: Yes I get my own room

(In the lounge)

Nina: So its Mara's turn to pick a film, just remember NO TWILIGHT

Mara: Umm I pick Titanic

Amber: Ohh but Mara it makes me cry then I'd have to redo my make up

Nina: Amber if you feel like crying just imagine Rufus is dying on the ship

(Everyone laughs)

Amber: Oh ok I'll watch, thanks Nins

(Nina and Jerome are in each others arms)

Nina: I really love this film

Jerome: Me too


Victor: You have five minutes precisley, and then I want to hear a pin drop

Nina: Whatever you say Captian Curfew

(Sibuna Laughs)

(In Nina and Jerome's room)

(Fabian comes in and puts garlic and Holy water down Nina's throat and takes her Locket)

Fabian: Sweet dreams Nina

(Fabian Leaves)