(Sibuna is a the dining room)

Mara: Fabian is working with Rufus

Nina: Yep (Sucks from her blood bag)

Amber: Eeeww

Nina: Get used to it Amber

Mick: Nina

Nina: Hmm

Mick: Jerome's gone

Nina: NO!!

Nina: I have to go and find him

Sibuna: We're coming with you

Nina: Ok, one sec (Completly drains the blood bag)

Mick: Cool

(At the warehouse, Jerome is tied up and surrounded by werewolves)

Jerome: You wont get away with this

Rufus: Won't I

Sibuna: No

Nina: Give it up Rufus

(Rufus tries to grab Nina but she jumps out of the way)

Nina: Haha

Mick: I wonder how many homeruns I could do on your head right now

Nina: (Laughs) Patricia get Jerome out of here

(Patrica unties Jerome)

Nina: Now what are you going to do

Mara: (Hits him over the head)

Nina: Good one Mara

(Nina runs over to Jerome)

Nina: Jerome are you ok

Jerome: I am now that you're here

(They kiss pasionately)

Mick: Way to go dude

Mara: Mick you're just as bad as Amber with the Jerome and Nina situation

(Jerome and Nina pull away and hug)

Nina: I'm so glad that you're Ok