Fabian: I've been working with him all along

(Nina slams Fabian into a wall)

Jerome: Nina don't

(Fabian pulls out a cross and Nina screams and lets go)

Nina: I hate you

Jerome: What do you want

Rufus: What I've wanted all along

Nina: Do you really think I can't take the pair of you, or have you forgotten what happened to your brother

Rufus: Oh I'm not worried

Nina: Really

Jerome: Just let us go

(Werewolves burst in and surround Nina)

Rufus: Are you scared now

Nina: Nope

Rufus: Wow

Jerome: Nina the silver

Nina: Oh yeah (Throws silver at the werewolves and runs to Jerome)

Fabian: Nina just give up we will get it from you one way or another

Nina: You know Fabian I'm kind of thirsty so you had better back off unless you want to be dead

Jerome: Yeah I'm thirsty too

Rufus: Come on Fabian we'll find another way

(Rufus, Fabian and the werewolves leave)

Nina: That (Mutters something)

Jerome: NINA!

Nina: Well he is

Jerome: I'm just glad you're OK

(They kiss pasionatley and Amber walks in)

Amber: Awww, so cute

Nina: Amber

Amber: Come one everyones wating for you

(They all leave)