Amber: Nina whats going on

Nina: I'm sorry Amber, come one lets go back to the meeting then I can tell everyone

(Back at the meeting)

Nina: There's something me and Jerome have to tell you

Jerome: We're vampires

Sibuna: WHAT!!

Amber: That must be so cool, you never get wrinkles

Patrica: Wait I'm confused

Jerome: I was a vampire first, then I told Nina and she got turned

Mick: How

Nina: Rufus hit me on the head so I was I hospital and I wouldn't wake up and so Jerome gave me some of his blood then Rufus killed me so here I am

Mara: Can you walk in the sun

Amber: Obviously not, she sparkles

Nina: Amber thats only in twilight, and yes Mara I can walk in the sun, we both can

Fabian: How?

Nina: Me and Jerome are wearing pieces of jewellery that we died in

Patrica: So Joy Rufus and Jerome's brother know about you?

Jerome: Yes

Patrica: Joy's a (Mutters something under her breath)

Sibuna: PATRICA!!

Patrica: What she is

Nina: So now you all know its going to be alot better around here now

(Sibuna leave exept for Fabian)

Jerome: Fabian what are you still doing here

Fabian: I kissed Nina

Jerome: What

Nina: Yes he did

Fabian: (Pours holy water on the door handle) Neither of you are leaving

(Rufus comes in)

Rufus: Good job Fabian

Nina & Jerome: RUFUS!!