(Someone knocks on the door)

Jerome & Nina: Hi everyone

(Everyone comes in)

Amber: Hey Nins I have missed you sooooo much

Mick: Hey Nina

Patrica: Newbie

Nina: Hey Patrica

Mara: Hi everyone

Alfie: Jerome, hey mate

Fabian: Hey Nina

Nina: Hey Fabian

(At the dinner table)

Seating arrangments

Nina - Jerome

Mick- Mara

Amber- Alfie

Patricia - Fabian

Mick: So whats been going on with you and Jerome then Nina

Nina: Well we're dating

Jerome: Yes we are (They Kiss)

Amber: Awwww


Amber: sorry

Mara: Nina how have you been

Nina: Good you

Mara: Awesome Mick and I were on vaction in Paris for the summer holidays

Nina: Figures we where stuck here

Fabian: Nina can I talk to you for a second

Nina: Sure, be back in a minute Jerome

Jerome: Okay babes

Mick; You stole my thing that I say

Jerome: Live with it

(Laughs with Mick)

(With Nina and Fabian in the hallway)

Fabian: Nina, I still love you

Nina: Well too late, I'm dating Jerome now

(Fabian kisses her)

Nina: (slaps him) What the heck Fabian

(Rufus comes in)

Nina: What now

(A werewolf pulls up)

Rufus: I want the real cup

Nina: Well you're not getting it

Jerome: Whats going on, Rufus

Rufus: Hello Jerome

(Nina starts acting wierd)

Jerome: Fabian you should go

(Fabian leaves)

Nina: Really, you show up today of all days, when there is a room full of people who doesnt know about vampires

Rufus: Well what are you going to do about it

Nina: Well obviously something, there's a werewolf behind you

Jerome: (Knock Rufus out) we need to tell everyone in Sibuna

Nina: Okay

(Back in the dining Room)

Nina: Sibuna meeting NOW!!

(Sibuna goes into Nina's room)

Mick & Mara: whats going on?

Nina: Rufus and Joy are working together with Jerome's brother in order to get the Cup of Ankh from us

Jerome: And me and Nina recently completed another search and now they want that relic too

Patrica: WHAT, my bestfriend working with that creep

Nina: Sorry Patricia

(Nina suddenly runs out)

Fabian: Whats the matter with Nina

Jerome: Amber could you go and see her please

Amber: Sure

(In Jerome's room)

(Nina is drinking from a blood bag when Amber walks in)

Amber: OH MY GOD!