(At the abandoned warehouse)

Nina: Oh look you're five star prison again

Jack: (Whispers) Nina Jerome's here I just saw him

Nina: (Whispers) Great

Rufus: Nina, I checked and the elixir wasnt in the bag

Nina: Well it wouldn't be would it, when you first broke into the house, you drank it

Rufus: Jack, stake her

(Jack stakes Nina on the right side of her chest and she pretends to die)

Joy: What did you do that for?

Rufus: Because the cup and the statue were fake

Jack: How did you figure that out

Rufus: Because last term I put it in the fire, so it would of had to have melted a little

Jerome: Not nesscesarily

Rufus: If you've come to save Nina, she's dead

(Jerome notices that the stakes in the wrong side)

Jack: Jerome

Jerome: What

Jack: There's a werewolf behind you

Jerome: (Runs off)

(Nina pulls the stake out)

Nina: You need to work on your aim Jack

Rufus: Nina, how are you

Nina: Look I'd love to stay and chat, well actually I wouldn't but there's werewolves here and I don't fancy getting eaten by one so bye

(Nina runs off)

(Back at Anubis)

Jerome: Damn it they've probably killed her already

Nina: Really

Jerome: (Hugs her) Nina, but how did you

Nina: Jack and I made up a plan that he would stake me in the wrong side

(They kiss for a long time)