(Back at Anubis)

Jerome: Trudy have you seen Nina?

Trudy: Not since yesterday

Jerome:(Calls Nina)

Jack: Hello Jerome

Jerome: Listen up you creep, if Nina is dead, I will personally find you and rip you to shreads

Jack: Don't get your fangs in a knot, she's fine, just knocked out and covered with Holy water

Jerome: You already got what you wanted so just let her go

Jack: We need the chosen one's blood, along with the elixir for the cup to work

Jerome: You mean she's gonna die?

Jack: Yes, but I don't think she can because she's a vampire, so I just think her human lifeforce will go

Jerome: Thats good, but why are you telling me this

Jack: Because I don't want to work for him anymore, not after what he's done

Jerome: So let Nina go

Jack: I can't

Jerome: Why not?

Jack: Because after they've drunk from the cup they were going to kill Nina anyway, by feeding her to the werewolves

Jerome: Look just tell me where you are and I can come and get you both

Jack: We're at the abandoned warehouse 10miles from here

Jerome: Thanks (Hangs up)

(Nina starts to wake up)

Nina; Where am I

Jack; In Rufus' van, but Jerome's coming to get you

Nina: One problem, I can't move

(Jack cuts himself and gives his blood to Nina)

Nina: Thanks, why are you helping me

Jack: Because I don't want to work for him anymore

Nina: Why don't I just bust us out of here now

Jack: Because then Rufus will know what I've done

Nina: Ok, how did you speak to Jerome

Jack: I anwsered your phone

Nina: Thanks, wait there's something thats been bothering me

Jack: Whats that

Nina: If you and Jerome are brothers, how is he a vampire

Jack: We were both born human but Jerome was turned when we were four

Nina: Ok, oh yeah and one more thing

Jack: What's that

Nina: If Rufus asks you to stake me, stab me in the right side of my chest

Jack: Why

Nina: Because my hearts on my left side

Jack: Good plan, ok act like you were before, Rufus and Joy are coming

Nina: Damn it