(Next morning, someone knocks on the door)

Trudy: Jerome, Nina Jacks here

Nina: Perfect (grabs the bag)

Jerome: Nina do you have the bag

Nina: Yep

Jack: I think you know why I'm here

Nina: Yep

(Jack grabs Nina and pours Holy water all over her and down her throat)

Jerome: Nina!

Jack: Dont't follow us, no tricks or she dies

Nina:(weakly) No I'm pretty sure that will you

Jack: (Punches her) Shut up

(Jack drags Nina out the door and into the clearing)

Rufus: Nina how lovely to see you again

Nina: Enough with the sarcasm

Joy: Give us the bag

(Nina throws the bag down, Jack is still holding her)

Joy: Funny I was expecting rocks

Nina: Just be grateful (mutters something under her breath)

Joy: Did you just call me a witch?

Nina: No it rhymes with it though

(Jack slaps her)

Nina: Now what

Rufus: Where's the elixir

Nina: In the bag

Rufus: Really

Nina: Just take my word for it

Rufus: Jack you know what to do

(Jack knocks Nina out and throws her into Rufus' van, Jack stays in the boot with Nina, Joy and Rufus are in the front)