Nina: What the hell was that

Jerome: I don't know

Rufus: I do

Nina: How the hell did you get in?

Rufus: Nevermnd that

Jerome: So what are they

Rufus: Werewolves

Nina: What, ok and why are you telling us this

(Rufus leaves)

Nina: Should we be scared right now?

Jerome: Yes

Nina: Why

Jerome; Because vampires and werewolves are natural enemies and Rufus, Jack and Joy could be using them to get the statue and the cup out of us

Nina: Right

Nina's POV

Oh my god, Rufus and Jack and Joy are using werewolves to get the statue and the cup out of us, well like we would give in, I've got a plan.


Jerome: Nina please tell me you have a plan for this?

Nina: Yes I do

Jerome: Ok whats that

Nina: Come one

(In the art room)

Nina: I'm going to make two exact replica's or the cup and the statue, but they wont do what they're supposed to do because they'll be fake

Jerome: Good plan

Nina: I'll make the cup and you make the statue

(After two hours)

Jerome: We did it, now we just need some fake elixir

Nina: You mean this fake elixir

Jerome: Where did you get that

Nina: I made it in the science lab, so all we have to do is wait until they threaten us again, put them in a bag and hopefully not die

Jerome: Genius plan (Kisses her)

Nina: Thanks