(The next morning in Micks room)

Mick: (To himself) I'm going to see if Nina's Ok

(In Nina's Room)

Mick: Hi Jerome is Nina Ok?

Jerome: No she isnt waking up

Mick: Maybe Fabian put some garlic in her mouth

Nina: (Sits up) Well it tastes like it

Jerome: (Hugs her) Nina you're Ok, well you're not dead

Mick: How are you feeling?

Nina: Like I drank a bucket of Holy water

Jerome: Stay there, I'm going to get you something to drink Ok

Nina: Well its not like I can go anywhere

(Jerome leaves)

Nina: Mick are you Ok you've been acting really wierd lately

Mick: Yeah I'm fine, I'm gonna go for a run

Nina: I'll just stay here then

(Mick leaves and the rest of Sibuna exept Jerome come in)

Amber: Hey Nina, where's Jerome?

Nina: Gone to get me some blood, Fabian put garic in my mouth last night

Patrica: What does Fabian want?

Nina: The pieces, for Joy and Rufus

Alfie: Well we will protect you Nina and you have Jerome

Nina: Yes but he's a vampire too so this could easliy be him and not me

Alfie: Where's Mick?

Nina: Gone for a run

(Fabian comes in and Nina starts growling)

Fabian: Easy there Martin I just want the pieces

Patrica: Why so you can hand them over to Rufus?, Nina isn't that stupid

Amber: Fabian leave, I can knock you out with my shoes, so you might want to leave

Fabian: (Grabs Nina) Fine I'll leave, tell Jerome I said Hi

(Outside the House)

Nina: I knew I couldn't trust you

Fabian: Smart girl

(Nina tries to get free)

Fabian: Now Now Nina behave and I might not kill you

(Jack appears)

Jack: Let her go Fabian

Nina: Jack