(Nina and Fabian go back into the house and everyone starts attacking Fabian)

Nina: Guys cool it, besides attacking him is my job

Fabian: Yeah thanks for backing me up

Jerome: What do you want Rutter?

Fabian: I'm really on your side, but I had to make Rufus and Joy think they could trust me

Nina: Really, then why is a jar of Holy water in your pocket?

Fabian: That was part of my plan

Jerome: Yeah well thaks to your 'plan' Nina and I have been getting hurt all over the show

Patrica: Fabian why should we trust you?

Mick: Yeah you hurt Nina (Nina fake coughs) and Jerome

Jerome: (sarcastically) Thanks for you're concern Mick

Amber: Mick show some more concern

Nina: Fabian what did Rufus and Joy tell you?

Fabian: They told me that when you have put together the crown they are going to sacrifice you

Nina: I'd like to see him try

Fabian: Nina can I speak to you?

Nina: Sure

Fabian: In private

(In the hallway)

Fabian: You should'nt have trusted me Nina

Nina: Why's that?

Fabian: (Covers her mouth and pulls a cross out), because I can kill you, give me the pieces by tomorrow at the clearing or you're dead (lets Nina go and leaves)

Nina: Jerome Fabian just-

Jerome: We know we just saw him leave, are you Ok?

Nina: No my head really hurts, like I just ate garlic or something (collapses)

Jerome: Nina!!

Patricia: Jerome whats happened

Jerome: Nina's collapsed (carries her to their room and lays her on her bed)

Jerome: Please be alright Nina (kisses her forehead)

(Fabian sneaks in and puts garlic in her mouth)

Fabian: Soon you'll realise that you can't hurt me Nina Marie Martin (Leaves)