Nina: Well we know how we are going to get there, but why Eygpt?

Jerome: I was reading a book the other day and it said the crown of Cleopatra and the cup of Ankh are all sacred relics of Eygpt that can grant any wish do anything but you need three drops of the chosen one's blood-

Nina: Don't mention blood in front of me when I have had any yet!

Jerome: As I was saying they can have to be put in the right order around the statue of Anubis in order to be able to do what the person wants.

Patrica: Wow, I can't belive you read a book

Amber: Yeah well done

Mick: Way to go dude

Alfie: Guys I can hear something outside the door

(Nina opens the door and is shot in the back by a wooden bullet)

Jerome: Nina

Fabian: (Grabs Nina) Thanks for the information Jerome, give me all the pieces or I shoot her

Nina: (Coughing) Yeah like that will make any difference you (mutters something)

Amber: Nins I didnt even think that word existed

Jerome: (Hands Fabian the pieces) Here take them, only they wont be much use to you as Nina is the chosen one

Fabian: Oh I know

Nina: Then let me go you idiot

Fabian: Now why would I do that (drags her out of the house)

(Outside the house)

Fabian: (Lets Nina go)

Nina: Ok since I havent had lunch you had better get out of here

Fabian: Nina I'm not really on Rufus' side

Nina: Oh really and why should I belive you?

Fabian: Because, two things, one: I still love you, two: Rufus is a creep

Nina: Well you could have told us

Fabian: I had to make them think I could be trusted

Nina: Ok then, the others MIGHT trust you but I don't not yet

(They go back inside the house)

Fabian: (Smirks) You are right not trust me Nina Martin