(Nightime, in Nina and Jerome's room)

Jerome: Nina are you alright?

Nina: Yeah (Keeps staring at her underneath of her wardrobe)

Jerome: What are you staring at?

(Nina gently pulls up her wardrobe and sees something stuck under there)

Nina: Aha (pulls the pouch out and opens it)

Jerome: Well done Nins (kisses her)

Nina: Look the last two pieces

Jerome: Now we just need to find the date of the eclipse and cheap tickets to Egypt

(In Mick's room)

Nina: I found the last two puzzle pieces and now we just need to find out the date of the eclipse

Mick: I'll do that

Patrica: Nina you need to put the crown together

Nina: Not yet remember what happened last time

Amber: Yeah I almost got a poisionous bug shoved in my ear

Alfie: And you kissed me

Patrica: Back to the point Alfie, when's the next eclipse Mick?

Mick: Wait does eclipse have one S or two?

Nina: Let me do it Mick

(Nina types on Mick's phone)

Nina: Its the 7th of July 7:00am

Patrica: What a coindedence thats the date of you're birthday

Nina: Yeah

Jerome: How in the devil's name are we going to get 6 tickets to Egypt, when the eclipse is in three days!

Amber: Duh me, I have a private jet

Nina: Wow

(Fabian was Listening outside the door)

Fabian: Intersting