(The next Morning, Mara left in the night)

Nina: Hey everyone, where's Mara

Patricia: She left, so Fabian is taking her place

Nina & Jerome: What!!

Jerome: Oh thats messed up

Nina: You're telling me the physco tried to barbeque me

Amber: Well you two had better be careful, who knows what he might do

Mick: Yeah,(Hands Nina and Jerome a baseball bat), Sleep with this tonight

(Everyone laughs and Fabian comes in)

Fabian: Hi Nina

Nina: Jerome can you hear something, oh yeh its the voice of the idiot who tried to barbeque me alive

Jerome: Can I speak to you Fabian?

Fabian: Sure come on Nina

Nina: Fine

(In the hallway)

Jerome: What Rutter?

Fabian: Give me the pieces of Cleopatra's Crown

Nina; Why would we do that

Fabian: Because I know how to kill you

Nina: (Chokes him) Yeah but you forgot that we haven't been weaked by anything

(They both leave)